Story of *the quilt*

If you have been following me you must know by now that I enjoy doing art quilts. Let me tell you the story and technique of my latest *utility* quilt. It took me double the normal effort to fabricate it. Add on the piecing and it took even longer!

I made this quilt for a very special person. The only thing that she wanted on the quilt was the presence of bright  colors. And since I love lettering of course I had to include a personal message.

I wanted to do a no pattern quilt.
I got his book more than 10 years ago and I've used it only once ever since. The author makes the lettering based on strips, narrow and wide. No letter is the same. Hmmm, I like that approach.

I started by dyeing pieces of fabric, all the color of the rainbow and a grey fabric for the background.
I did not like the very first word I made. I don't know why. Could it have been the blue letters? I took the word and hanged it on my design wall. Then I realized it was the grey fabric. Yes, it's a neutral color but this grey felt unappealing...

I went to my garage/wet studio and ice dyed fabric. Then I cut some of this fabric in strips and silkscreened designs with opaque paint. Afterwards I started piecing the colorful letters and my enjoyment grew in the process...

Half way through I ran out of fabric but since I dyed my own, I knew exactly which colors to use. To tell you the truth I didn't even know how big it was going to be.

I combined the lettering with hearts and kisses.

And here are some details combining the silk screened designs:

In some areas I sew simple lines with 12w cotton thread.

The backing fabric it's also an iced dyed fabric combined with leftovers fabrics. I like the back as much as the front so I called it a two sided quilt!

I am standing beside the finished quilt. The special person absolutely  loved it. The surprise on her face was priceless and I will keep that happy memory in my heart!

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International Quilt Festival *CLASSES*

#713 Cold Foil and Tulle?- International Quilt Festival
Saturday, November 2nd 9-5 pm 
I will teach you how to add metallic color to your fiber art with this unique Cold Foil technique. Combining Deco foil sheet with tulle, make delicate designs for an unusual fish quilt top. Complete your project by adding simple embroidery stitching.
(another sample)
Hand-dyed fabric, tulle, foils, Aurifil threads, mistyfuse and  foil pen is included in your kit.

#520 Hand Appliqué with Paper and Fabric - International Quilt Festival
Friday, November 1st 9-5pm


Magazine clippings meet fabric to create this unique fiber art. Learn to stitch on paper as you design, cut, and hand stitch pieces in place. As a bonus, see how to laminate and foil the magazine clippings.


Magazine clippings ready to laminate and stitch!

Hand dyed, silkscreened fabrics, laminated magazine clippings, foils, mixed media sheets and Aurifil thread is included in your kit.
 #470 Mixed Media Forum * Modeling paste for Art Quilts* International Quilt Festival  Thursday, October 31st  2-5pm
I will demonstrate how to apply  light modeling paste to create dimensional accents for your next art quilt as the samples shown above.
In this forum five other wonderful mixed media artists will participate: Esterita Austin,Cindy Lohbeck, Nancy Roelfsema, Cecile Whatman and Lori Triplett.
I hope you will join me and have fun in my classes. 

*Simply Moderne* Magazine.. my latest Article

The summer issue Number 17 of SIMPLY MODERNE MAGAZINE is out.
It shows my latest article on page 120 under the title Technical Lesson. Here I explain how to print a whole quilt top with hand-made stamps and paint.
The inspiration for this project came when the Pantone color 2019 - Living Coral- was announced. I knew I had to do a project in this color so I started mixing the paints to achieve the exact hue.

The stamps were then hand-carved based on my designs included in the article.

You can easily follow the instructions on how to print the rows and on how to complete each motif.

Afterwards, hand stitching was done with 12w thread. I used the same color as the binding.

This is the finished *Stamped Quilt Top*  
I hope you will try to stamp your own quilt soon!.

Hand-Calligraphy on Cloth

Here are a few samples of my latest experiments with *Hand-Calligraphy* on cloth. I used dyes and cotton fabric. Oh, how much I love lettering on fabric!

QuiltNational 2109

At this year's Quilt National in Athens, Ohio, my quilt "Orange Blossoms" was awarded the *LYNN GOODWIN BORGMAN AWARD FOR SURFACE DESIGN*.
*Orange Blossoms* ©Margarita Korioth

I am so honored to have received this award at such a prestigious international venue! This mixed media piece was made with the technique I developed called INC-Infused Newsprint Cloth, which is a washable cloth made with recycled  newspapers.
This is my first year submitting a quilt to QUILT NATIONAL and also my first time attending. It was so very emotional! I made new friends, who are all wonderful artists with their own styles.
I only took a few pictures of the event because I was very busy talking and getting to know the other artists.

Standing with Jane Broemel to the left and Elizabeth Ferry Pekins to the right.Jane's art is pictured in the back.

Selfie with Betty Busby, a great artist I have admired for many years, I was so happy to finally meet her in person.

Here I am with Arturo Sandoval, who also won an award this year for Innovative Material. He loves to use plastic and other unusual components for his work.

I had a lovely chat with Joan Schulze, a mixed media artist who also loves to work with paper.
Standing with Kathy Ford. Her quilt is behind us.
Some of us sitting at the lobby, signing lots of autographs. I felt famous for a couple of minutes.

After the festivities were finished I gave a WORKSHOP for two full days in the art room upstairs.

Ann Judy, Sandy, Kathy and one more student that had to leave a day earlier.
What a *wonderful* group of ladies. We worked very hard. They learned my technique of  INC. We covered all kind of ways to use this technique: working with masks, by design, shapes, repeats and more.
Here are a few pictures of the students work:

A BIG thank you for all the staff at the Dairy Barn Arts Center for organizing very well the events and helping setting up my classroom and assisting me on all of my needs.
I came back home with a smile in my heart!

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