Teaching engagements


*Faux Bleached Painted Cloth* it's what I am going to teach at the Creative Variety Forum at the Virtual Quilt Festival on June 18th! You can see live this technique from start to finish.

What it's so nice about the Forum is that you will have 5 teachers in total presenting different topics each and at the end you have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want. I am very excited because I am in very good company.

Talking about teaching, a couple of weeks ago I finished teaching two days with two different groups at the Modern Guild of Memphis. I suggested different topics and they chose the six hours workshop *Printing Bliss*. It was fun since I belong to that guild and gave me the opportunity to get to know better some of the members that sometimes we only greet at the meetings and don't have the time to have a good conversation. 

Here are some photos...

Most of them didn't know anything about silkscreening at the beginning of the day then they went home with a stack of a variety of silkscreened designs, learned how to do the *Surprised Printing*  and also learned how to cut their own screens by hand. This is a very complete workshop. I am grateful for the chance to show my group my love of painting on cloth.

It is Summer where I live...that means that I am outside in my garage painting and this year I am trying something very different, I will share more in my next posts, well if I have time to write HA if I can stop the fun!

Around Here and a *Friendship*


Every year at the end of March we visit the Dixon Botanical Gardens to enjoy the display of colorful tulips. We are lucky to have such a place in the city we live in Tennessee.

They worked very hard during the Fall months planting over 2,000 bulbs.

You could find a variety of colors and types. Some are taller, some shorter, some has more than one color in the petals and others looks like has been made of a velvety fabric with rich dark tones. 

This year they made a little cabin with straw roof and lots of vases full of tulip blooms for walls.

These figures were standing or sitting all over the grounds. They were displayed in pairs. 

What a fun and relaxing day I had with friends!

On my previous POST I mentioned the latest article I wrote for the American Magazine Quilting Arts. This particular issue is very special to me  because I am with my friend Chris in the same issue! 

What are the odds? We met online over 10 years ago, then she was my student and we became friends. We haven't met in person but feels like it. She has a fun and bright spirit. When we learn we where going to be together she had the brilliant idea to send each other a signed copy and that's what we did!

She is a wonderful artist. She took this photograph, manipulated and enhanced it with colored pencils. 

I hope you are enjoying the changes of the new Season wherever you are. 

My work is on the Cover of *Quilting Arts Magazine*

 *Peaks* 34" by 35"

I have exciting news. I have not only a new article for the upcoming issue of Quilting Arts but I also made THE COVER!

I am so happy. I am on page 62 and the title of the article is *Add a POP of Color*. It's a modern twist to the well known half square triangle. It's fun and different.

In this close-up you can see how I quilted with the sewing machine and by hand with big stitches.

This is a variation of this fun technique. You can find more information HERE  

Here is the link of the INTERVIEW I had with Managing Editor Kristine Lundblad.

I am linked to: Off the Wall Friday and Kelly's Blog

Paper and Fabric Explorations


I have been exploring more possibilities with the combination of paper and cloth. 

This time painting the background of the Washable Paper-Cloth with dyes. It works beautifully but it is a slow process. I think I like it better using paint instead because it's less messy and it's ready faster (no need to wait for the fabric to batch for many hours, waiting for the color to attached to the fibers).

For this sample two paper-cloths were used, a sheer fabric (green) and broadcloth (white). Because of the nature of the green fabric you could easily spot the oval shapes from the white fabric that is underneath, as shown in the picture below.

And here are more details:

This is the finished piece! 

I had fun during the process and can't wait for the warmer weather to arrive so I can go outside to my garage and get messy for long hours.

I am linked to http://ninamariesayre.blogspot.com/.

*Improv Half-Square Triangle* the Workshop


NEW  Workshop; it's called Improv Half Square Triangle

6 hour or two 3 hours workshop

Let's play with one of the top quilt block units in quilting and make it your own!

With just a few materials you can easily add a POP of color to your quilt blocks. This is an ideal way to use up leftover fabric from other projects and create an entire new quilt. The design possibilities are endless. It’s a perfect technique for working in small spaces.  

We will paint a detail on a white piece of cloth and combine it with a colorful fabric to create our block. Basic instructions will be given and each student can create their own design. Lots of fun!

I hope you can join me and share your time with me doing art!

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