*Washable Paper-Cloth* THE WORKSHOP at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts


Let’s recycle paper and create art.

Would you like to learn how to make *washable* paper-cloth with recycled newspapers? This is my original technique to obtain a seamless integration of paper on cloth that you can iron, paint and sew by hand or by machine.
I will be teaching it next year in 2023  at Arrowmont’s School of Arts and Crafts https://www.arrowmont.org/workshops-classes/
It will be held from June 18th to 23rd yup one whole week with me, so you can learn the *nitty gritty* of this technique. The class will be small for only for 10 students. That’s why I am announcing it here, since many of you were interested. You can take advantage of the early registration that opens on December 1st . You can call # 865-436-5860.
It will be held from June 18th to 23rd yup one whole week with me, so you can learn the *nitty gritty* of this technique. The class will be small for only for 10 students. That’s why I am announcing it here, since many of you were interested. You can take advantage of the early registration that opens on December 1st . You can call # 865-436-5860.

What else we will learn?

We will also learn how to create our own fabric paint. It will be formulated for the exact

 color we want. This paint formula can then be used for matching future color project. We will work with our own resist, do repeats and add colored backgrounds. How to cut silkscreens by hand. Then we will learn how to prepare magazine clippings to easily applique by hand on to cloth.The last day we will design a small collage with the paper-cloths we made and sew accented details by hand.

Let me know if you have any questions!

I am linked to:http://ninamariesayre.blogspot.com/

New Article and TIPS on how to use the *Ruler Tape* for hand-quilt and a Beaded Binding


*Dye Transfer Sheets* Part TWO

My latest article is out in Quilting Arts Magazine. This is the second part of the article where I show you how to obtain positive and negative designs with my original technique *Dye Transfer Sheets*.

I love to hand quilt and would like to share some tips that help me with this particular project. 

As you can see, I have white and red-orange backgrounds so I wanted to find a way that I can easily be guided on where to put my hand-stitches. For that I found a wonderful product (I am a very happy customer) called: Ruler Tape

This tape has an adhesive back that is easy removable without leaving any glue residue. And best of all has imperial and metric markings making it ideal for measuring and marking your projects, in this case the quilt shown above.

One of the stitching lines was used to guide the first placement of the ruler tape. After the first line of stitches were applied beside the edge of the tape, the tape was peeled and placed against the new hand sewing line and continued this way. You can use the same piece of tape several times.

Take advantage of the markings to change the distance between stitching lines.

How the *beaded* border was done?

Oh I had so much fun putting the finishing touches to this art quilt! Let me show you step by step.

After the binding is finished, from the back, insert your needle and thread between the binding and backing hiding the knot inside the binding and pulled it out in the middle as show in the photo above.

Insert a bead, make a loop forming a *buttonhole stitch* piercing all the layers just under the binding.

Repeat as shown in the photo until you have the desired length. In the sample quilt the beaded edge was applied in three different areas. I hope you will try and play with all these techniques!

The first part of the article was published on the Fall issue of Quilting Arts magazine. Also I had a second article in the same issue called *Gossip Backgrounds*

In this article, I show you how to easily mark your backgrounds with lettering and liquid paint.

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Thank you for visiting! 

Craft Napa 2023


I will be teaching at Craft Napa 2023. The registration is now open, Thursday 15th, you can go HERE
My workshop it's called: *Gossip Blocks*

Let's have some fun with paper and cloth!

This is an environmentally friendly class. We will be experimenting with a layering technique of paper and cloth to create a unique mixed media quilt block. Learn how to prepare the paper for applique. Design, cut and paste them onto to cloth to form your gossip block. Apply accent stitches by hand. 
This is an ideal workshop for individuals who wants to explore something playful and different.

Let me know if you have any questions.

*International Quilt Festival -Houston- Classes*


*Improv Half Square Triangle* is the class I will teach this year at Houston Quilt Festival.

Do you want to try something different? Do you want to play outside the box?

With just a few materials you can easily add a POP of color to your quilt blocks. This is an ideal way to use up leftover fabric from other projects and create an entire new quilt. The design possibilities are endless. It’s a perfect technique for working in small spaces.  

We will paint a detail on a white piece of cloth and combine it with a colorful fabric to create our block. Basic instructions will be given and each student can create their own design. Lots of fun!

One of the materials required for class is a a small set of paints. It costs $8.50 and if you call the store 800-228-9393 they will not charge you shipping and you pick it at their booth at Festival. Ask for MKINKKIT or tell them is for my class; they will know :)

Here are other design possibilities:

Let me know if you have any questions. I hope to see you there!

NEW Article in the Magazine Quilting Arts


My latest article is out! You can learn how to create a graphic design cloth with simple materials. Maybe you already have them.

You can find all the instructions in the latest Quilting Arts/Summer Issue 2022.

Kristine Lundblad, the Managing Editor of the magazine wrote a long post about the technique, she even made some samples. You can find it HERE

I have been painting a lot in my garage. Next post I will show you something new to me. It's challenging and enjoyable at the same time. I love to learn :)

Teaching engagements


*Faux Bleached Painted Cloth* it's what I am going to teach at the Creative Variety Forum at the Virtual Quilt Festival on June 18th! You can see live this technique from start to finish.

What it's so nice about the Forum is that you will have 5 teachers in total presenting different topics each and at the end you have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want. I am very excited because I am in very good company.

Talking about teaching, a couple of weeks ago I finished teaching two days with two different groups at the Modern Guild of Memphis. I suggested different topics and they chose the six hours workshop *Printing Bliss*. It was fun since I belong to that guild and gave me the opportunity to get to know better some of the members that sometimes we only greet at the meetings and don't have the time to have a good conversation. 

Here are some photos...

Most of them didn't know anything about silkscreening at the beginning of the day then they went home with a stack of a variety of silkscreened designs, learned how to do the *Surprised Printing*  and also learned how to cut their own screens by hand. This is a very complete workshop. I am grateful for the chance to show my group my love of painting on cloth.

It is Summer where I live...that means that I am outside in my garage painting and this year I am trying something very different, I will share more in my next posts, well if I have time to write HA if I can stop the fun!

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