*NEW* Article in Quilting Arts Magazine

My latest article is out! Featured in the October/November 2020 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine.

As quilters we love texture. Sometimes we like to try to find different kinds of fabrics for just that reason but unfortunately the fiber content can make it tricky to sew. What if I told you that you can transform almost any quilting fabric into a textured piece of cloth? That's the topic of this article. 

By using Flock Sheets on fabric you can create velvety texture. You will need a silkscreen, you can get it at My Store or you can use a stencil that you already have.

The borders of this quilt have been made with this technique. I made 4 different pieces and sewed them together. I think the blue circles make this art quilt sing...don't you think?

I hope you will try this new technique!

You can read  HERE my other latest article where I show how to add texture with paint!

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Stay safe :)

*NEW* Article in Simply Moderne Magazine


I have so many news to share but I cannot do it in one post. I will write several entries in the coming days.

My latest article has been released! This is my sixth consecutive year writing for the French magazine Simply Moderne Magazine.

My article shows how to paint quilt blocks with a technique I've called *Speckle Paint*. And believe me when I tell you that you need a cheese grater for this technique.

It is a very complete article, with detailed pictures of every step. It is 8 pages long! I created this technique because *Speckling* has always intrigued me. I tried many different ways through the years and finally I discovered how to do it. Each block is different and yet the end result is a cohesive quilt top since the same design is repeated several times.

You can create your own screens OR you can get a set of two, the same designs I used on my quilt at My Store

Also inside this issue there is an article about Quilt National. To promote this event a group of quilts was chosen and to my surprise they included a photograph of my winning quilt as well. That makes me very happy. An unexpected surprise.

And here are some details:

My final quilt ( 50" x 74"):

I hope you will try this new way of painting. It's lots of fun :)
Stay safe!

*LIVE* VIRTUAL Workshops and Lectures

I have been very busy the past weeks setting up my *LIVE* ONLINE classes. You'll be able to watch my videos and follow me during *live* workshops.This will  be a hybrid, the best of both worlds. You can ask all the questions you want. We'll share our experiences and have FUN doing what we love.

Filming and editing the videos with clear steps took a lot of effort to make this work - each class is loaded with information.

I am excited about the new virtual platform and I hope it will bring us together.

*ZOOM* Meeting Artcloth with Paper and Fabric

*ZOOM* Meeting made with paper and fabric.
27 inches by 31 inches
My inspiration for this artcloth came from the directive to stay home and the need for internet communication. Each circle and square represent a person participating in a video call.

 I started by creating a color palette and mixing the paint colors. On rare occasions I have used the original paint color that the manufacturer provides.

Then I chose old newspapers from the bin. In this case, the papers came from seven different countries.

After the newsprint was infused into the cloth (INC a washable paper and cloth) a new painting technique was applied which I called *Phantom Printing*. With this technique one never knows for certain where the images appear. It thus has a certain serendipity factor in it. The picture above has the first layer application.

This picture shows the second layer, the *surprise* layer where a second image appears, in this case the white lettering.

close ups

before hand embroidery

after hand-embroidery
This art piece will always remind me of how precarious life is. Things can change in a blink of an eye. To cherish what we have, don't take anything for granted and try to live intensely.
Please stay safe.

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*MargasCraftsStore* is OPEN!

My *new* store is open! Come and visit HERE. The first collection of hand-drawn silk screens has been listed.
Most of my work is based on silkscreens, they are durable and easy to use.

Paper and Fabric *Quilt*

*Singing Birds*
Materials used: recycled magazine clippings, napkins and tissue papers.
Decorated with: Aurifil threads (28w and 12w LANA for the hand-embroidery) and seed beads for the birds wings.
The whole quilt top has been made with papers. It was my first time sewing the background  with the stitching so close together and the paper behave beautifully, just like fabric!
I made this mixed-media quilt on preparation for my Lecture and Workshop at Cumberland Valley Quilters Association this coming April 7th and April 8th, 2020.
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