*Quilting Arts TV* Tapings

Vivika  Denegre, myself and Susan Brubaker

Myself and Kristine Lundblad

A couple of weeks ago I went to Ohio to film 4 segments for Quilting Arts TV *QATV*. It was a wonderful experience. I met Susan a few years back when she came to my town to give a workshop. I have been working with Vivika and Kristine for 8 years writing articles for  Quilting Arts Magazine. During this time we've exchanged lots of emails but never actually met. I was very happy to finally meet them both in person and share moments that I will never forget.
These three ladies are wonderful to work with. They made sure to make you feel comfortable and relax on the set.
I had to prepare all my samples beforehand. Each of my segments needed to be organized into steps, These were:

- Cheesecloth Skins: two ways; colored and with hand-calligraphy
- How to make a polka dots stencil economically and sturdy with a one hole punch
- Sheer paper-cloth
- Dimensional accents for Art-Quilts with modeling paste

The filming company instructed me on what to wear or what not to wear in front of the camera. I had to choose my wardrobe carefully because all of my segments used wet media. This meant that I could not bring my *best* clothes since the paint sometimes is sneaky and lands in places you don't desire. Believe me I have enough painting clothes in my closet already!

Also, they asked me to do a manicure. It is something I usually don't do since I am always working with paints and dyes and my fingers end up very colorful. But for this occasion I complied.

The filming studio is located in the city of Solon, which is a 35 to 40 minute drive from Cleveland. The name of the studio is KS Productions and the owner is Kathie Stull. She really knows how to run her business. Kathie knows how to guide you and to keep the segments on schedule.

Once I arrived at the studio, I entered through the green room.

Each presenter has three tables where you can use trays to prepare all of your materials.

Then you enter the make up room. Oh, I felt like a diva.The stylist was magnificent, she knew exactly how to cover the unwanted blemishes.

I peeked into the filming area to familiarize myself with it. In the above photo they were just starting to put all the set together.

Then, you review each step before they start to film.

The KS crew were very easy to work with and professional. They started to do some editing on-site as the tapings finished but it will take months until the episodes will be ready. They will air on PBS stations all over the country. Check your local stations around the last weeks of December this year or beginning of the year 2020. My segments will come out in the Series 2500 and 2600. I will let you know when exactly they will air as we get close to the date.

In the night before my tapings I  met three wonderful artists from the west coast: Denise Oyama Miller, Nancy Ryan and sweet Mel Beach. I failed to take a picture with them; I guessed we were busy talking trying to know each other in the couple of hours we had together.They left the next morning when it was my turn to film.

On the day of my taping I met another great artist, who's specialty is wearable art.
Rachel DK Clark and myself
I keep thanking the world of art quilting for my wonderful and memorable experiences. Experiences that would have otherwise never happened.
This is just one of the  samples of one of the segments: *Dimensional accents for Art-Quilts with modeling paste*

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  1. I am so excited to see your episodes...will definitely look for your post on the dates!!!! Congrats!!!

  2. J'aimerai tellement que l'on puisse les voir en Europe!
    Merci du partage de cette expérience.

  3. Congratulations, Marga! You look very confident in your pre-taping photos. All the best for air time!


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