paper cast

I'm involved in a swap from the "Surface Design Group" where I have to demonstrate a technique. I decided to show how to do a paper cast using water soluble paper as Maggie Grey states in her book, "Paper and Beyond". Put two layers of the paper on top of your stamp and wet it carefully with your finger
Wait until it dries completely and peel it off
Find a background (in this case an ATC colored with tissue paper)
Paint with thick acrylics
Once dried, rub with metallic wax
It is the perfect texture to add some chunky stitches and beads.

Since I did an ATC, you know me I have to do a jacket that goes with it. Although I love to use interfacing, as I showed it to you before in my other post, this time I used newspaper, covered it with gesso first, then painted with gold acrylic paint. To finish it off, I used the same stamp I used for the paper cast to stamp it all over.


  1. Great instructions and pics. I have been wanting to try this, but of course can't find the soluble paper locally and always forget to order it with other products. The ATC and jacket you made are lovely!

  2. This looks like fun...and something I could possibly do!

  3. oh, now I wished I was in the swap, I LOVE squiggles!!! Darn!!

    I do my paper casts with TP (yes toilet paper) I use about 8 layers & it works quite nicely.

  4. I love your ATC - great colour.

    Like Tracy, I have used TP for this technique. I haven't done it for ages though, so thank you for reminding me to try it again.

  5. thanks for the mini tute, yours looks lovely, beautiful berry colours. I've just posted a sneak preview (a teaser) of the Princess Quilt on my blog.

  6. Great Tutorial -- thanks for sharing ---I must try this soon.
    A lovely ATC & Jacket :-)

  7. This looks lovely. Thanks for the steps on how to do it. I've wanted to do paper castes before but haven't known where to get the paper from. I was going to ask you if you knew of an online store where you can get it, but I think I will try the Toilet Paper suggestion and see how that goes.

  8. lovely!!! now I want to do that too!!!


  9. Wow - I love the look of this technique - not sure what water soluble paper is though. Must find out as I'd love to have a go.

  10. Cool technique. I'd love to try it. What kind of paper did you use?


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