15th Anniversary Issue of Quilting Arts Magazine -*Sheer Paper-Cloth*

Quilting Arts Magazine 15th Anniversary Issue is out. Please find my latest article on page 16! In it I show you how to make *Sheer Paper-Cloth* with napkins and tissue papers.

This issue is packed with projects and beautiful pictures. What a wonderful way to celebrate. Happy Birthday Quilting Arts!

International Quilt Festival 2015...my teaching experience

This is my first year teaching at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. What a fun week this was mixed with lots of hard work. I met so many new people.
I participated at the Friday Sampler. I had the opportunity to demonstrate how to apply wax pastels on fabric. This is an easy technique where you can put color on cloth with few materials. There was a lot of interest since the Holidays are coming and this technique can  be a fun activity to do with children.
On Saturday, I participated in the morning sampler demonstrating how to do the *HUG* stitch. This is a portable project where you do an embroidery stitch mostly on top of the cloth without the need to pierce through the cloth constantly. It is easy on the hands and delivers great texture.
That same Saturday, in the afternoon, I participated in the Trick or Treats Forum with six other teachers. After we presented a slideshow of our work we went to our tables and demonstrated a project which consisted in working with opaque paints and on how to foolproof mark and then embellish painted motives.
At night, I met my friends from my hometown to get ready to go to the *Monster Ball-Halloween Party*. We all did a wonderful job dressing up. We had a blast, dancing like nobody was watching all party long.
On Sunday, just before we went to the airport I met Amy Milne and Emma from Quilt Alliance in front of my quilt *Teapots*, my entry for this year's The World of Beauty Competition. They filmed me for a couple of minutes while I described my project. I was very nervous once I stepped in front of the camera with bright lights.
And this is my quilt : 
Detail of the base fabric with the technique I developed called *Infused Newsprint Cloth*. This consists on floating the newsprint ink on to the cloth in any shape I want. For this particular quilt I chose the oval shape which represents the steam of hot boiling water that is needed to make a good cup of tea.
  Another detail showing off the tulle appliqués and hand embroidery.

International Quilt Festival 2015.....Trick or Treats....

*Halloween Creatures*
Saturday, October 31st, Halloween Tricks and Treats Forum from 2:00 -5:00 pm. Join me with five wonderful artists: Laurie Ceesay, Pamela Damour, Nancy Goldsworthy, Diane Herbort and Cinsy Souder, to learn real *treats*.

 I will teach how to make delightful and spooky folk art Halloween creatures by stenciling and stitching. Class #760.
You can visit some of the teachers here:http://www.dianeherbort.com/gal_more.php and
 http://www.laurieceesay.com ; http://www.moonlightingquilts.com/HoustonIQF2015.html for more details.

From Artcloth to *Quilt Bag*

Artcloth *BE BOLD - tell your story*
Materials to make one Quilt Bag
. 42 1/2 inches by 34 1/2 inches outside fabric
. 33 1/2 inches by 35 1/5 inches inside fabric and fusible fleece
. 3 1/2 yards of cotton strap
. 4 sew in magnets
. 2 cord stoppers
. 1 1/2  yards of elastic cording
. Aurifil 28w cotton thread for the topstitching

Iron the fusible fleece on the wrong side of the inside fabric. Fold and sew 1/2 inch of the four edges towards the inside. With a pin mark the center of the widest side of the outside fabric and lining, as shown in the picture.
Pin both the lining and outside fabric in place, matching the center pins.
Topstitch only one side! (this would be the underside when you close your bag) with 28w Aurifil cotton thread . I chose this thread because it shows off the topstitching beautifully and at the same time it's sturdy. The other end will be sewn in the same matter after we put the magnets in place.

With the lining fabric facing you, measure one inch from the edge of your sewn side and sew your magnets through all the layers. Repeat on the opposite side (unsewn side) but sew the magnets only through the lining fabric and iron on fleece. Topstitch in place as you did the other end to close the seam.

Because I'm using the fabric from selvage to selvage, I don't need to finish the edges. Fold in half towards the inside the two flaps on each side, as shown in the picture, and sew parallel to the edge of the lining fabric. Insert the cord and cord stoppers.
Straps:  With the top fabric facing you, measure 10 inches from the side edge and mark a line to indicate where to position the strap. Repeat on the other side.

Measure your strap handles. I tried different lengths and decided on 28 inches length. Close the bag and draw a line where the two ends meet, as show in the picture. This line will indicate where to stop sewing the straps.

Sew the ends of the strap together with a generous 1/2 inch tail on each side. Open the side seams.
Sew in place on both sides of the strap. If you have an edge foot for your sewing machine use it.

Voilá!  Now I am ready to transport my quilts *with style*. 

*Simply Moderne Magazine* ( my latest article...)

Quilt featured in the premier issue of *Simply Moderne* magazine July/August 2015. It is a sister magazine of Quiltmania. You can have more information HERE. It has wonderful modern and fresh projects.
My latest article is on page 108. There, I show  how to add color to a black and white print using only thick chunky threads stitched by hand. You will also learn what I called *the hug stitch*, made almost entirely on top with bold wonderful results
The thread of my choice is AURIFIL, which is a delight to work with. For this project I chose Aurifil 12w cotton, Aurifil 28w and Aurifil LANA threads.

International Quilt Festival 2015

 I will be doing three demonstrations at the International Quilt Festival in Houston this year. I hope you will join me if you are attending.
*Halloween Creatures*
Saturday, October 31st, Halloween Tricks and Treats Forum from 2:00 -5:00 pm. You will learn to make delightful and spooky folk art Halloween creatures by stenciling and stitching.#760 class
*Wax Pastels on Fabric*
Friday, October 30th, Friday Sampler from 10:00am to noon.#560 class
*Add Pizzazz to Black and White Cloth Print with chunky Color Thread*
Saturday, October 31st. from 10:00am to noon. #750 class
You can read their catalog HERE.

Creative Machine Embroidery July/August 2015 *My Latest Article*

I don’t have the blessing to have my kids around me anymore; they don’t even live in the same town so when they come to visit us, it is a very happy occasion. We try to make it special, by not only cooking their favorite meals but also by showing them our love in form of *small details*.
I love to surprise them. These “door knob messengers” are meant to give messages unexpectedly. I hang them on their bedroom’s doors or even on the bathroom’s doors with little messages. Sometimes I write what’s for breakfast or the plans for the day creating anticipation to celebrate our time together.
On page 28 I explain the fabrication of these "messengers". You probably already have all the materials at home to make them. You can find the patterns HERE
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