*Simply Moderne Magazine* ( my latest article...)

Quilt featured in the premier issue of *Simply Moderne* magazine July/August 2015. It is a sister magazine of Quiltmania. You can have more information HERE. It has wonderful modern and fresh projects.
My latest article is on page 108. There, I show  how to add color to a black and white print using only thick chunky threads stitched by hand. You will also learn what I called *the hug stitch*, made almost entirely on top with bold wonderful results
The thread of my choice is AURIFIL, which is a delight to work with. For this project I chose Aurifil 12w cotton, Aurifil 28w and Aurifil LANA threads.

International Quilt Festival 2015

 I will be doing three demonstrations at the International Quilt Festival in Houston this year. I hope you will join me if you are attending.
*Halloween Creatures*
Saturday, October 31st, Halloween Tricks and Treats Forum from 2:00 -5:00 pm. You will learn to make delightful and spooky folk art Halloween creatures by stenciling and stitching.#760 class
*Wax Pastels on Fabric*
Friday, October 30th, Friday Sampler from 10:00am to noon.#560 class
*Add Pizzazz to Black and White Cloth Print with chunky Color Thread*
Saturday, October 31st. from 10:00am to noon. #750 class
You can read their catalog HERE.

Creative Machine Embroidery July/August 2015 *My Latest Article*

I don’t have the blessing to have my kids around me anymore; they don’t even live in the same town so when they come to visit us, it is a very happy occasion. We try to make it special, by not only cooking their favorite meals but also by showing them our love in form of *small details*.
I love to surprise them. These “door knob messengers” are meant to give messages unexpectedly. I hang them on their bedroom’s doors or even on the bathroom’s doors with little messages. Sometimes I write what’s for breakfast or the plans for the day creating anticipation to celebrate our time together.
On page 28 I explain the fabrication of these "messengers". You probably already have all the materials at home to make them. You can find the patterns HERE

Paper and Fabric Quilt

*Dos Gallinas*
Detail of the finished paper and fabric quilt.
Let me show you the evolution of this small quilt...
After I finished doing my paper cloth top, I went to my thread drawer and picked some Aurfil spools.
I thread the sewing machine with Aurifil 28w cotton thread on the top and 40w polyester thread in the bobbin.
And started to sew around the details.
Once finished, I choose to work with Aurifil Lana/wool thread, which is also 12w to do some details with hand-embroidery.
Afterwards, I did the binding like I always do it with 2 inch strips of fabric sewed around the perimeter of the quilt. On examination of the almost finished piece, I felt that something was missing, so I decided to sew bold stitching lines *on top* of the binding with the sewing machine.
I thread the sewing machine with Aurifil Lana/wool 12w on the top and 40w polyester thread in the bobbin. I used a longer straight stitch(in my machine I choose number 3) and loosen up the tension a little. Then I started to sew slowly *in the ditch*, as shown in the picture below.
Following this I sew with the same thread color a parallel line, this time on top of the folded binding.
Once I reached the first stitch I made, I stopped and left a long tail. I removed the quilt from the sewing machine and with a needle I sent the thread tails to the back. I placed a small knot to hide the threads in-between the layers, 
And this is the finished quilted. I love how the bold straight lines adds a special detail, making it more interesting for the viewer, don't you think?
*Dos Gallinas*
A paper and fabric quilt. 13 inches by 8 inches.

Wax Pastels on Fabric/ International Quilt Festival 2015

*How to paint with Wax Pastels on Fabric*
I will do a demonstration on how to do this technique in the International Quilt Festival this coming October. I will post more details closer to the date. I hope you are planning on attending. 

Working with Thick Threads/Quilting Arts Magazine April/May 2015

Be sure to pick up the April/May issue of Quilting Arts Magazine—I am featured on page 80! In my article I show you how to work with thick 12w and 28w cotton threads. I used Aurifil Threads.
First, we add bold embroidery stitches. 
Later, with the same threads, you learn how to prepare your quilt sandwich to work with them in the sewing machine. You can also read more about it HERE while working in the bigger quilt.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Quilt *INSPIRED* by a Spool of Thread

"Quilting Jive"
Story: This is Lola, a quilter that just finished her quilt. She is so happy that she went outside to dance with a handkerchief on her hand humming a delightful rhythm.
The inspiration for this piece started with this spool of 28 w Aurifil cotton thread. This is a variegated thread color 4648. I love this color combination of purple, orange/rust and light yellow. My goal was to use only these colors with the addition of black. And the quilt had to be made with paper and fabric.
I started by painting and pasting my designs.
Appliqué some details.
Applied seed beads.

I hand-embroidered the tile designs with two strands of the same spool of thread. What I like about this thread is that you can use it by hand and by machine with wonderful effects. Especially this kind of variegated threads where the color changes add an extra layer to your work.

Here, I hand-embroidered the hair. I used 28w Aurifil black color.
I hope you will look in your thread drawer next time you decide to start a new quilt and find inspiration by the wonderful color combinations that are available on the market.

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