*Inspiration* from the International Quilt Festival 2017-Part Two

 *More Inspiration* from the International Quilt Festival 2017
Heure Bleue IV by Marianne Bender-Chevalley
Pregnant Pause by Joy McPadden
My Inner Yogi by Debbie Schulze
Sampler Reimagined by Sherry Davis Kleinman
(detail) Central Pivot by Kim Eichler-Messmer
At the waterhole by Sheila Finzer
Keeping Up Appearances by Jan Reed
Girona Portal by Laura Fogg

(detail) Contraste de Sabores by Montserrat Forcadell Blasco
(detail) Erté Bazaar II by Susan de Vanny

*Inspiration* from the International Quilt Festival 2017-Part One

  *Inspiration* from the International Quilt Festival 2017

Family Celebration by Becky Grover 
Birds Choir by Bella Kaplan 
MidTown by K. Velis Turan
Urban Voyeur: Union Station by Jill Kerttula
Paint the Town Jelly bean by Shelley Delhay-Turner
(Detail) Field Sketch-Cornflower by Noriko Nozawa
Dance of the Dragonflies by JoAnn Hoffman

The Golden window by Cecilia Koppmann

International Quilt Festival 2017 *My Experience*

I was honored to have been one of 142 instructors from around the world chosen to give a presentation at the International Quilt Festival 2017 in Houston.
Here, I am all set up and waiting for the students to come in. This was the *only* moment I was able to sit down during the entire 2 hours of my presentations.
And here I am in *action*, explaining my technique. It was fun to see old friends and meet new ones.

Every year, on the last Saturday before the Festival ends, IQA throws a party called *Festival after Hours*. It comes with life music to relax, eat, mingle and dance. I always meet with the same group of friends and we dance like nobody is watching!!
A FUN night to remember.
I am back home and it feels good to be playing with paint again. The fabric above has been *infused with a Houston newspaper* I picked up during the festival. I will sew a special present for my dear friend who helped me with my presentation.

*Sheer Paper-Cloth* at International Quilt Festival- Houston 2017

Join me on Saturday November 4th at the International Quilt Festival 2017, from 10:00am to 12:00pm. Class 747; Saturday Sampler.

I will show you how to do the *Sheer Paper-Cloth* technique with delicate materials like napkins and tissue papers. With this technique you can make quilts, cards or Christmas Ornaments., just to name a few.

Look for *The Butterfly*!!

*Taming Tulle* and *Instant Bling* Workshop

I'd love to spark your creativity at one of my *NEW* workshops:

Foil Pen Play *Instant Bling*

Add *instant* bling to your quilts with metal foils and the deco-foil adhesive pen. Perfect to use up fabric scraps from previous projects.
Learn a fool proof technique that can be used with different fabric types.

Make a *Foil Town* quilt top.

Taming Tulle

 Learn how to tame this lightweight fabric to add lettering and delicate designs to your quilts.

Make an unusual *Fish Theme* quilt top.

*Paper and Fabric* quilt at AQS Quilt Show

This quilt is hanging at AQS 2017 International quilt show in Des Moines, Iowa, this coming weekend. I wish I could go and see it with all the other quilts.

*Embrace who you are* Part Two ..the finished quilt

If you have been reading my blog you must have noticed when I was working with the theme quilt shown below for a very special person. If not you can read more about it HERE.

This was a very emotional project for me. Although I finished it a few months back I couldn't write about it until now.

While I was working on the quilt top, she reminded me that *pink* was not her favorite color anymore. And since I wanted her to use the quilt and not keep it in a closet I had to start all over again with a different color palette. Time was an issue, so I decided to choose from the fabrics I had at hand.

Every time I finish a project, I cut the leftover pieces into 4 and 5 inch squares and put them in a box. It is from there that I chose the fabric I knew she would like.
Pieces were cut, then mixed and matched and sewn together. Keep in mind that  *I am not a piecer*...so this was a personal challenge for me.
Meanwhile, I dyed and silkscreened the main fabric for the message and the background. I used the book Quilt Talk" by Sam Hunter for the lettering. It was my first experience doing paper piecing and liked it.
I played around with the colors and shapes
Finally I decided on the arrangement and finished the top.
Last, I gave it to her. She has sent me a picture of the quilt over her bed.

I am pleased that she is using the quilt I made with all my heart. Every time she lays down to rest "on" the message *embrace who you are*, I wish I could tell her the same while holding her in my arms.

Thank you for stopping by!
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