*NEW Article* and Part Two of the International Quilt Festival


My latest article is out. I am on page 51in the magazine Quilting Arts December 2019/January 2020. In my article I show you how to make an inexpensive and durable stencil so you can add a new layer of color of a polka dot design to commercial or hand-dyed fabric.
Photographs above shows samples of dotted fabrics and the cover of the magazine.
Now, as I promised...Eye Candy from the International Quilt Festival:

Being and Time by Natalia Lashko
Detail- Edo Spring by Masako Sakagami

Texas boy with Fish by Carolyn Skein

Last Huntly Aberdeenshire by Kathy Whitby
Foxgloves at Widnsor by Sandra Mollon

Hanok by Mikyung Jang

Two Friends by Gabrielle Panquim 

Jubilation by Ellen Lindner

The Sum of Seasons by Chang Misum

These two last quilts by my dear friend Vanessa. I am so proud of her! She has a
wonderful BLOG

From the exhibit *Quilting as Therapy* Behind the Mask by Glena Gordon

You can read more of Quilt Festival HERE
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International Quilt Festival 2109- Part ONE

This is my 5th year teaching in Houston! What an intense experience this last meeting was.  I met wonderful students, quilters and artists. I also reconnected with friends. I am grateful for the opportunity to teach at this show.

The photograph you see above is my quilt *BLUE* which was a finalist in the contest *The World of Beauty*.

I will share some photographs of the people I met. With early mornings and late nights to prepare for my workshops, I had little time to socialize.

Here I am with Vanessa (first on the left, my traveling pal and dear friend), me, Felice and Mary Ann (new friends I met in Cyber space).

I am glad I spent some time with Kate Colleran, who always comes for Market but this time stayed extra days that happened to coincide with my stay.

I had the opportunity to meet Ricky Tims, who interviewed me. He has a great personality.

I met sweet Jo Avery. We had great laughs together.

Every year I stop at the  French - Quiltmania booth to say hello to Carole (the owner). This time I remembered to take a picture with her. I can't believe it has been 5 consecutive years working with her publishing articles since the release of her magazine Simply Moderne. Currently I am working on next year's article!

This is my donation quilt for this year's silent auction, since Quilt Festival celebrated its 45 year Anniversary, I decided to write the word *sapphire* and the number 45 on the background . Of course it is a paper and fabric quilt. It has been made with the technique I developed and named INC (Infused Newsprint Cloth)

A picture taken from the second floor to give you an idea how big this show is. It basically occupies the entire Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston..

Some of the Blue and White Exhibit. These quilts look wonderful together!

It is a beautiful feeling when many people show interest to learn from my ideas. I work hard to create projects based on new techniques. My heart smiles when my students immerse themselves and realized they can also create in a different way.

Here are some photographs of my students.

Houston celebrated *Dias de los Muertos* on November 1. I was lucky enough to pass through the park returning to my hotel and participate for a while in the festivities. The music was fantastic and the show phenomenal. All was in Spanish so I felt right at home !

My heart is content!

I did have time to take photographs of magnificent quilts which I will share in my next post.

*Quilting Arts TV* Tapings

Vivika  Denegre, myself and Susan Brubaker

Myself and Kristine Lundblad

A couple of weeks ago I went to Ohio to film 4 segments for Quilting Arts TV *QATV*. It was a wonderful experience. I met Susan a few years back when she came to my town to give a workshop. I have been working with Vivika and Kristine for 8 years writing articles for  Quilting Arts Magazine. During this time we've exchanged lots of emails but never actually met. I was very happy to finally meet them both in person and share moments that I will never forget.
These three ladies are wonderful to work with. They made sure to make you feel comfortable and relax on the set.
I had to prepare all my samples beforehand. Each of my segments needed to be organized into steps, These were:

- Cheesecloth Skins: two ways; colored and with hand-calligraphy
- How to make a polka dots stencil economically and sturdy with a one hole punch
- Sheer paper-cloth
- Dimensional accents for Art-Quilts with modeling paste

The filming company instructed me on what to wear or what not to wear in front of the camera. I had to choose my wardrobe carefully because all of my segments used wet media. This meant that I could not bring my *best* clothes since the paint sometimes is sneaky and lands in places you don't desire. Believe me I have enough painting clothes in my closet already!

Also, they asked me to do a manicure. It is something I usually don't do since I am always working with paints and dyes and my fingers end up very colorful. But for this occasion I complied.

The filming studio is located in the city of Solon, which is a 35 to 40 minute drive from Cleveland. The name of the studio is KS Productions and the owner is Kathie Stull. She really knows how to run her business. Kathie knows how to guide you and to keep the segments on schedule.

Once I arrived at the studio, I entered through the green room.

Each presenter has three tables where you can use trays to prepare all of your materials.

Then you enter the make up room. Oh, I felt like a diva.The stylist was magnificent, she knew exactly how to cover the unwanted blemishes.

I peeked into the filming area to familiarize myself with it. In the above photo they were just starting to put all the set together.

Then, you review each step before they start to film.

The KS crew were very easy to work with and professional. They started to do some editing on-site as the tapings finished but it will take months until the episodes will be ready. They will air on PBS stations all over the country. Check your local stations around the last weeks of December this year or beginning of the year 2020. My segments will come out in the Series 2500 and 2600. I will let you know when exactly they will air as we get close to the date.

In the night before my tapings I  met three wonderful artists from the west coast: Denise Oyama Miller, Nancy Ryan and sweet Mel Beach. I failed to take a picture with them; I guessed we were busy talking trying to know each other in the couple of hours we had together.They left the next morning when it was my turn to film.

On the day of my taping I met another great artist, who's specialty is wearable art.
Rachel DK Clark and myself
I keep thanking the world of art quilting for my wonderful and memorable experiences. Experiences that would have otherwise never happened.
This is just one of the  samples of one of the segments: *Dimensional accents for Art-Quilts with modeling paste*

I am linked to : ninamariesayre.blogspot.com Go and visit the work of other artists and get inspired!
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