*BLUE* Quilt Show in Tennessee

 I am standing in front of my quilt. You can read more about the process here.

Last Friday was the opening reception for the Show called Stitched. Here in Memphis Tennessee! Can you imagine  seeing over 250 quilts ALL predominantly in  blue color in one room?
The requirements were to make a stitched three layer quilt with any material but a measurement of 24" by 24". Oh.. what a feast for the eyes.

These are some of the quilts from the Show; some have been made with paper and fabric!!  I apologize for not having the names for every artist but the labels were very small and the venue was crowded. Enjoy.
 close up
from my  friend Ronda. She did a Memphis landmark, clever idea!

from my friend Nancy

Here is my friend Vanessa posing with her quilt  (on top center). She overdyed the whole quilt after she finished sewing the three layers together, what a brave woman!
From my friend Patricia. She used paper and fabric.
From my friend Jeannie, the last quilt she made. I am sad she was not able to see it hanging in the show. We will miss you!
Bernice Johnson is the quilter standing in the middle. She made the quilt on the back with more than 1,000 2 square pieces. What a patience!
In just a few days I will be teaching this technique in my  coming workshop at The Dairy Barn Art Center. It is my first time participating in Quilt National
I am linked to: http://ninamariesayre.blogspot.com/. Go and visit what the other artist are doing and get inspire!

Quilt Top with *Leftover Fabrics*

I made some progress.... The only fabric I had to add was the black color fabric.  I do not have any pieces left and I would like to do it bigger. What should I do?

An *Artful* Apron

This is the finished apron.
Techniques: INC- Infused Newsprint Cloth -WASHABLE-  with masks, silkscreened words and ice dyed fabric.

First ,the fabric was colored with the *Ice Dyeing* technique. It is a fun technique with unexpected and beautiful results.Two colors of dye has been used: chocolate brown and butterscotch.

INC- Infused Newsprint Cloth was applied with circle and triangle shapes. I found this image on a French paper and couldn't resist to use it...maybe I put that face when I am developing a new technique?! or...when something is not working...HA

And these are close-ups. The words says: BE BOLD -Tell your story.
I am linked to: http://ninamariesayre.blogspot.com/. Go and visit what the other artist are doing and get inspire!

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