My latest Article in *Quilting Arts Magazine*


*Vibrant and Bold* 
My latest article is out in Quilting Arts Magazine Fall 2021. It's in there where I show you how to use Infusible Ink to color polyester sheets.

I am on page 112. It is a neat technique to achieve vibrant colors.

Just recently, after this article was wrote, sadly the company discontinued the production of the light mixed media sheets. Don't despair, I found alternatives, please read below:

for a transparent effect I used this product Light Lutradur

for an opaque effect I used Medium Weight Interfacing

Just followed the same instructions written on the article and you will achieve wonderful bold colors. 

Let me know if you have any questions and I hope you will try this new technique and have as much fun as I did. 
This is the beautiful cover (artwork by Sue King)

A *Quilt Study*


*A quilt study with Paper, Paint and Cloth*  38" by 32"

I would like to do a new *paper, paint and cloth* quilt with a particular design I have in my mind. Because I don't know if it's going to work I have decided to do a *study* quilt.

To make my task more interesting I designed different blocks:

I had quite a few to choose from. Settle for the last two blocks. I needed to figure it out how to sew them together: find the perfect thread for piecing and for stitching in the ditch, the best machine needle, temperature of the iron, thin batting, which backing fabric, etc.

Even if you are a quilter that likes to work with only fabric you must have a practice piece, same as your final project to figure it out all these details. Well when it is a mixed media quilt you really have to take all these in consideration, specially if it's a new technique. I learned a lot!

I will work in my new quilt and will write about it here.

For now I must finish getting ready for my on-line classes at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza.

I will be teaching *Instant Paper-Cloth* and *Criss Cross Paint and Cloth*  You can read more about HERE and you can see this VIDEO

This classes has NO kits so it's open to everybody wherever you live.

I hope you will join me so we can have fun doing ART together.

Thank you for stopping by. 


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*Painting* and September Workshops


I have been painting freely in my garage. This time I used a limited palette of paint in three colors: blue, yellow and orange. 

As you can see on my plate (orphan lid from a yogurt container) I put the paint and mixed it with the sponge(cosmetic sponge from the dollar store) sometimes I used more yellow, sometimes more blue and very little orange, just to ad an accent color and depth.

And these are the stencils I used. I designed and cut them with my cutting machine. I used plastic from a projector film. They are very simple but by applying the layers one on top of the other starting with light color and increasingly darkening them you can create a complex and beautiful design.

I will be teaching *Cheesecloth ROCKS* at Craft NAPA. You can read more about it HERE
The workshop will be held on Sunday, September 12th. 

You can learn how to do a layered work of art by using translucent layers with hand calligraphy and color.

The kit has almost all the materials you need:) Hand-dyed and painted cloth, cheesecloth skins: two ways, Aurifil WOOL thread, interfacing, pattern and instructions.

I will be teaching *Instant Paper-Cloth* and *Criss Cross Paint and Cloth* at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza. You can read more about HERE and you can see this VIDEO

They are doing something different in this Show. They are offering Virtual and in-person workshops. I will be teaching virtually on September 22nd and September 23rd.

This classes has NO kits so it's open to everybody wherever you live.

I hope you will join me so we can have fun doing ART together.

Thank you for stopping by. I always enjoy questions and comments.


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NEW Article in the French Magazine *Simply Moderne*


My latest article is out! It has been published in the French magazine SIMPLY MODERNE- ISSUE #25

I am on page 78. It's an easy technique where I show you how to use two wonderful fabrics that you have been saving and didn't know how to incorporated them into a quilt. TIP: you will need an inexpensive wooden hoop and some paint.

I hope you try it and enjoy the process as much as I did.

And this is the beautiful cover. (art by Anne-Marie Saudo)

Global Quilt Connection Event *SPECIALS*

 Dimensional Designs with *Light Modeling Paste* is the topic of my demo for the Global Quilt Connection Sampler Event 


 As promised here are the Special  OFFERS:

You can find the Mixed Media Glue I used in the demo and many other interesting materials here:



Enclosed are fifteen *unique* labeled surface design fabric/paper pieces, most developed by me. Some techniques has been published and some not yet.

Includes: washable paper-cloth (INC- infused newsprint cloth), foil, flocking, clamp resist with dyes, ghost printing with paint, cheesecloth skin with hand-calligraphy, cheesecloth skin with silkscreened designs, sheer paper-cloth, painted Evolon, ghost printing with rubbings, ghost printing with dye, over dyed and silkscreened cloth, iced dyed fabric, hand carved stamps on fabric, speckle paint.

You can use the fifteen pieces to incorporate within your own work or you can make a butterfly pattern with included instructions.

Thank you for attending and visiting my site.

Hand Lettering on Fabric *Artcloth*

*Hidden Messages*  it's my latest discovery on how to trap lettering within a shape. This is  cotton fabric with dyes. Oh, how much I love painting!

 These are some close-ups.

Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild Workshops

I had the pleasure to spent the last three days with the Quilt Guild from Ann Arbor.

It is always fun to find quilters that are willing to think outside the box and explore different materials to be included in their art  other than fabric.

They chose two workshops: Instant Paper-Cloth and Applique with Paper and Fabric. Also my Lecture *The Odd Couple-Paper and Fabric in Quilts*

Even though this was a virtual event we felt the good energy, working all together from the comfort of our own home.

I am grateful  for this experience.

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