International Quilt Festival 2018

This is my quilt that is participating at the International Quilt Festival 2018 quilt contest *World of Beauty*.
It all started by designing the shapes by hand and also by computer. Then I decided which part would be made with INC Infused newsprint Cloth and which part would be painted.

Afterwards I mixed the paint to match the thread I wanted to use, in this case Aurifl Lana. (8803 color)

After all the hand-work was done the three layers were put together and machine quilted.

close up in process

And here it is hanging at the show under the surface design category. A dear friend from Wisconsin, Laurie Ceesay, took the pictures due to my absence at the show this year.

*Food Coloring and Glue gel Resist* Chart

As you can see, you could also *over paint* the fabric with my technique shown in the book The Quilting Arts Idea Book. Make sure to wash and dried the first application before you apply the second layer.
Small art-quilt made from the *over painted* fabrics.

The Quilting Arts Idea Book

My work has been featured in the *Quilting Arts Idea Book* and I am also a
 Cover-Girl....Yeepeee :)

 You can read more about it HERE. I am in great company!

Painted Quilt *Finished*

It's Autumn in my part of the world so I decided to challenge myself to create a painted quilt to cover my legs while I am sitting reading a book (my other favorite activity- I am currently reading The Heavens May Fall by Allen Eskens-).

The finished quilt measures 45 inches by 36 inches. Let me share with you my quilt-making process.

I knew I wanted a painted quilt so I started experimenting with different type of paints and soon I discovered a *new* way of printing which I called *surprise printing*.
The name says it all: it is a serendipity process where you get different color design with each print. Perfect technique for making a pieced quilt top.

Well, if you have been reading my blog you must know by now that I usually make art quilts to be hanged on the wall which are heavily stitched by hand and machine with different kind of threads. For a utility quilt, I learned that you must take a different approach: less dense stitching!! And did I also mention a pieced quilt top???

After all the blocks were printed, washed and trimmed I started to play with them on my design wall. I was stuck so I decided to dye the backing fabric.

I used the ice dyeing method. The dye colors I chose: midnight blue and bronze from  HERE
Observing this fabric where the two colors meld in some areas and they stay separate in another creating an harmonious design with lines I knew what to do next!
I painted a stripe fabric with the same technique and with the same colors used on the blocks. Oh, I like that.

Cut also narrow strips to add movement and balance.

Once the pieced top was finished, I stitched in the ditch around each seam.

And here I am using my quilt and reading a new book. Exciting news about this book in my next post!

A *Painted Quilt* in progress....

My new way of printing is so much fun that I have decided to print blocks (lots of them), and do a pieced quilt. I usually don’t do pieced quilts because it’s difficult for me to match the points. This time however  I decided to challenge myself and to make a simple top.
It all started by using warm colors in a 6 ½ inch white block of fabric. After they have been hand-washed (I typically wash all my painted cloth to make it soft and discard the extra pigment that has not been bond on the fabric) I trimmed them to a 5 ½ inch block.

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