Paper and Fabric *Quilt*

*Singing Birds*
Materials used: recycled magazine clippings, napkins and tissue papers.
Decorated with: Aurifil threads (28w and 12w LANA for the hand-embroidery) and seed beads for the birds wings.
The whole quilt top has been made with papers. It was my first time sewing the background  with the stitching so close together and the paper behave beautifully, just like fabric!
I made this mixed-media quilt on preparation for my Lecture and Workshop at Cumberland Valley Quilters Association this coming April 7th and April 8th, 2020.

*Craft Napa* 2020- Part TWO


And these are photographs of  the fun we had together in my third class. *Hand Appliqué with Paper and Fabric*

 What an intense experience this was.  I met wonderful students, quilters and artists. I also reconnected with friends. I am grateful for the opportunity to teach at this show.My heart is full of beautiful memories.
You can see more pictures HERE

*Craft Napa* 2020- Part ONE

Student work - Technique: *Instant Paper-Cloth*
I just returned from Craft Napa. What a wonderful experience it was. This is the fifth year Pokey Bolton organized this event. She really knows how to kick off the New Year with inspirational classes in the gorgeous Napa valley.
We were 17 faculty members and 250 students. Most of the daily events took place at the Embassy Suites Hotel. It ensured that we could mingle more during meal times or just sitting around during the breaks, thus giving us the opportunity to know each other a little bit more outside the classroom. The energy was very positive - it made it a happy meeting.
I gave the first of my three workshops, called *Surprise Printing on the GO*, at Pokey's Barn, which is located just a few miles from the Hotel. It is an ideal place to make a beautiful painted mess.  I took the photograph below just before my students arrived. Each student had their own table!

Following are some pictures of the last assignment the students worked on (I forgot to take pictures from the first ones).

 We also designed our own silkscreen:

The group together.
The second class I taught was my workshop *Instant Paper-Cloth* and it was at the Hotel. Here are some of the students' work:

And this is the group photo:

I am so proud of each of my students, they did a marvelous job!
You can see more pictures HERE

*Quilting Arts Magazine* latest article

My newest article appears on page 22 of the latest Quilting Arts magazine February/March 2020 issue. Here I show how to do *cheesecloth skins*, a technique I have been using for years in my work.
Learn how to work with this translucent overlay. This issue is packed with many ideas on how to use unusual materials in your art quilts.

This is the cover photo. Art by Jill Kerttula.

New Website *UPDATE*

 Technical issues prevent me from fully launching my new website.
I'll keep you posted when the issues are resolved.

Techniques used: Instant Paper Cloth, Cheesecloth Skin, Laminator Art and Computer Transfer for the message.

*NEW Article* and Part Two of the International Quilt Festival


My latest article is out. I am on page 51in the magazine Quilting Arts December 2019/January 2020. In my article I show you how to make an inexpensive and durable stencil so you can add a new layer of color of a polka dot design to commercial or hand-dyed fabric.
Photographs above shows samples of dotted fabrics and the cover of the magazine.
Now, as I promised...Eye Candy from the International Quilt Festival:

Being and Time by Natalia Lashko
Detail- Edo Spring by Masako Sakagami

Texas boy with Fish by Carolyn Skein

Last Huntly Aberdeenshire by Kathy Whitby
Foxgloves at Widnsor by Sandra Mollon

Hanok by Mikyung Jang

Two Friends by Gabrielle Panquim 

Jubilation by Ellen Lindner

The Sum of Seasons by Chang Misum

These two last quilts by my dear friend Vanessa. I am so proud of her! She has a
wonderful BLOG

From the exhibit *Quilting as Therapy* Behind the Mask by Glena Gordon

You can read more of Quilt Festival HERE
Go and visit Off the Wall links for more eye candy!
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