MQX Quilt Festival New England *New Traditions in Textile*

*PEACE* a paper and fabric quilt
I'm honored to have received a teacher's ribbon from Candace West at the MQX Quilt Festival New England 2016 for my quilt "PEACE". I entered a new category called *New Traditions in Textiles*

You can read more about this quilt HERE

Hanging with the quilt was this card, were I explained how I constructed this work of art.

I used Aurifil threads, which are perfect also for working on a mixed media piece.

Thank you Janet-Lee and Mary, founders of MQX Festivals for opening this new category. There are many of us who like to work with unusual materials.

Make your *OWN* Stamps for Coloring Cloth

*Wool is my target*
 One of the reasons for always starting with a white piece of fabric is the liberty I have to make my own marks on the cloth. Lately I have been experimenting on carving my own stamps and using them to apply color and design to fabric.
I used the book *Carve Stamp and Play* by Julie Fei Fan Balzer to guide me on how to design my own. I cut a few.
And used them with fabric paint to color silk and cotton fabrics, as shown below.
I also made a small art quilt figuring a sheep. I chose 12w cotton Aurifil Thread to sew around the design with the help of my sewing machine and 12w LANA Aurifil Thread to sew details by hand.
 I LOVE how the LANA thread leaves bold details on my work with simple stitches. Once my sheep was embroidered I did my trapunto technique and sandwiched the three layers together.

Then I loaded the sewing machine with 50 w cotton Aurifil Tread thread and added free motion stitching.

Celebrating *Valentine's Day* with Paper and Fabric

Techniques used: Instant Paper- Cloth (workshop I offer), Wool roving fabric, machine embroidery and hand-embroidery.
The Instant Paper-Cloth is a technique I developed, where you combine paper with cloth without the use of any polymer medium.

You could use printed matter that has a special meaning to you. Like magazines or flyers from your local area, from a trip, a store or a particular event.

After I made the base, I painted two bird designs and a heart shape. I love how the transparent layers of paper and wool roving play together.
If you have been reading my blog you know how much I like to work with thick threads so for the free-motion stitching I chose Aurifil12w cotton threads for the top of my machine.
For the hand-embroidery I used Aurifil Lana thread.  I really enjoy to use the textured strands of these threads. This 50% wool thread runs smoothly up and down the paper and fabric leaving behind strong and colorful marks.

Give a hug, cherish the people you love. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

Wool Roving Fabric

Techniques: wool roving fabric-my latest article in the winter issue 2015 of Craft Ideas Magazine. ,infused newsprint cloth and hand-embroidery.

I started by ironing the wool roving fabric on an infused newsprint cloth based on my own technique where the end result is a pliable and washable fabric easy to sew.
Then I chose colorful spools of LANA Aurifil Thread for the hand-embroidery. Because these threads has been made with 50% wool, the textured strands marries beautifully with the wool roving fabric.
I hope you will try this new technique.

Interview with *Quilt Alliance*

You can watch my interview  made by the Quilt Alliance in here: Is in there where I explained how I made this quilt *Teapots*.

Quilt Alliance is a wonderful organization whose mission is to document, preserve and share stories of the quilts and their makers. I am honored to be included in their archives. Thank you Emma and Amy for your help!

*Create Textured Layers with Wool Roving*- my latest Article in Craft Ideas Magazine


 Detail *Geometry of Life*
My latest article is out in the winter issue 2015 of Craft Ideas Magazine. In there, I showed you how to create textured layers with wool roving without the use of an embellisher (felting) machine!!
 I used Aurifil Lana 12w thread for all my hand-embroidery.
Winter Issue 2015
I am in page 68!

*Sheer Paper-Cloth* Quilt

*Starry City Night*
Techniques used: Sheer Paper-Cloth, beading, hand-embroidery with Aurifil Lana Thread and free motion quilted.

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