West Tennessee Art Education Association Workshop

I had the honor of teaching a wonderful group of art teachers this past weekend at the Memphis College of Art. Here are some pictures of the attendees working hard.

They learned an art class suitable for kids from pre-k to 8th grade. They did an amazing job. Each of their pieces was a work of art!

And here I am teaching the class:

Working with Aurifloss 8w Cotton Threads from Aurifil

*Una Rosa* collagraphy on fabric
I wrote an article for Quilting Arts magazine Feb/March 2013 issue about how to obtain a *foolproof collagraphy* print on fabric. The best part is that you do not need a press. Just empty cereal boxes, glue, paint and fabric.
After I printed my image on fabric, I decided to enhance it with Aurifloss 8w cotton thread. You use this thread when you want bold stitches. I used the six strands together.
With just a few simple stitches you can add interesting accents.
 I love to combine machine stitching with hand embroidery in the same art piece.

As you can see from the picture above, you can choose the same color thread as Aurifloss 8w cotton thread in 12w or 28w, as I did. 
After I finished the hand-embroidery I applied seed beads. There is something magical about combining delicate seed beads with chunky embroidered stitches that I just adore.
When it was time to make the quilt sandwich and to do the final free motion stitching, I chose 50w Aurifil cotton thread. Because I chose warm colors to accent my print I also wanted to choose a warm color for the background but not too dark or it would have covered the marks of the paint that are typical from a collagraph print.
I hope you will try these threads that come in an array of beautiful colors.

Workshops in West Tennessee

Colorme Fish Workshop 4
This past Saturday I gave a workshop in a nearby city called Bartlett, at my friend Nysha's studio here in west Tennessee. The topic was fabric paints.
Painting Toolbox Workshop 3
We created a chart that showed how we modified the paints creating interesting variations. It was a class full of tips and ideas meant to inspire my students. To read more information about my workshops, on the upper right hand side of my blog.

These are my wonderful students--thank you for participating in my class!

Houston Quilt Festival 2014


This quilt was selected to be exhibited at the 2014 International Quilt Festival/Houston in the Annual IQA Fall Judged Show "Quilts: A World of Beauty"--hosted this past weekend. I was delighted to see my work presented among so many beautiful pieces from other talented artists. It is always exhilarating to show your work in public.

This piece in particular is very meaningful to me. I made it when we first moved to a new city and felt that I needed more than ever, some *peace in my heart*. Once I finished it, I healed and was ready to embrace this new place and meet new people.


This work was made from local papers and flyers I collected back in Florida and, of course, fabric. All the appliqué has been made from two different kind of papers: transparent and opaque. This is one of the workshops I offer titled *Layered Paper and Fabric Quilt*. You can find more details on the right hand corner of my blog.
*Country Home*
I also saw my donation quilt for the Quilt Alliance Contest "Inspired by" 2014, which was hanging with many other beautiful contest quilts. You can read more about it here.

Creating Texture on a Paper and Fabric Quilt with Aurifil Threads

*Flowers for Sophia*- a newsprint infused paper and fabric quilt (32 inches by 30 inches)
From the picture below you can see how the quilt started. The flowers where painted over an infused newsprint fabric. It looked nice but flat, so I decided to go to my drawer where I keep my threads and..
 ..chose Aurifil 28w thread for machine stitching....
..and12w thread for hand embroidery. Then I applied some seed beads.

I love how the different thickness of threads with a combination of simple stitches made the quilt *sing* creating texture and dimension.

Can I Interest You in a Workshop?

I am so excited to offer some new workshops! I teach three *one day* workshops where I will show students how to create instant paper cloth without the use of any liquid polymer medium. This is an innovative technique where you can make a one-of-a-kind craft using printed material as the main ingredient.

Wouldn’t you like to make a unique craft for that special person in your life? If you are like me, I love to pick up flyers, magazines and newspapers wherever I go. In doing so, I capture a special memory and place to be applied later in my art.

I'm also introducing a *two day* workshop where I teach a LAYERED LAMINATED PAPER AND FABRIC.

 Please find all the information on the upper right hand side of this blog. If you're interested and have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.

Hand Embroidery on Paper and Fabric

I love the practice of hand stitching. The world turns quiet and the movement always calms me. Seeing the end result of colorful marks on my paper and fabric quilts with thick colorful threads gives me a sense of joy and accomplishment.

It is a meditative act that I've learned to love. 

I try to always have at least one project at this stage so I can stop whatever I am doing and enjoy the stillness of the moment.
detail with hand embroidery
detail while adding beads
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