Quilt National'19

close up
I am thrilled to announced that my entry *Orange Blossoms* has been accepted at 
If you followed my work you might read how this quilt has been made. First, I chose my color palette by mixing paint to matched my thread, you can read more: HERE, HERE, HERE. Then, the recycled newsprint has been infused in to the cloth (technique I developed and I called INC, you can read more HERE) followed by paint to complete the designs, in this case the big flowers. After the hand work was done the three layers were sewn together by my home machine.
These are wonderful news since this year they are celebrating their 40th anniversary. I am doing the happy dance.


  1. Bravo toutes mes félicitations c'est une nouvelle fantastique et votre travail est très innovant.

  2. Congratulations!!!! So well deserved!!!!

    1. Thank you Robbie, can't wait to see it hanging with the other artworks!


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