*Embrace who you are* Part One

I am challenging myself on making a pieced quilt! It is for a very special person. I want her not only to feel the warmth when she uses it but also to receive the message *Embrace who you are*.
With that in mind, after the fabrics have been hand-dyed I made a series of screens with letters, numbers, polka dots and one with the message: Embrace who you are. I used them to print with thickened dyes and with opaque paints all over the cloth. 

Afterwards, I used the book "Quilt Talk" by Sam Hunter to construct the word embrace. This is my first time doing paper piecing. The book's instructions were easy to follow even for a beginner like me!
this is a close up of the letter m
I also wanted to include a heart shape. I made this block inspired by the Tuesday hearts by Quiltmania
Stay tuned for my next post where I will show you my pieced blocks!
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