Home is Where the Quilt is- A Paper and Fabric Quilt

I made this piece for the Alliance for American Quilts.  The contest is called "Home is Where the Quilt Is." This quilt is donated for their fundraising efforts.  It will tour first and then be auctioned off on eBay.

 My entry:

"Quilting makes my heart blossom"

I really love the different elements of this quilt. The house-like shape with the tile-pieced roof, the colorful flowers embroidered with thick threads, the little bird singing at the top and the skirt made from an over-dyed bed sheet.

I gave it this title because I feel the happiest when I am at home quilting. Like the garden, my family blossoms when I nourish them with love.

I chose this method of construction to demonstrate that cloth and recyclable materials can be used to create and interpret your thoughts. I wanted to include paper clips from magazines, calendars and mail received by members of my household.  This is an enjoyable technique that I feel is just the beginning of a new and innovative way to do art.


  1. Simply lovely -- and fun, too. Your use of colour is so wonderful -- cheerful and bright!

    1. Thank you Margaret! This is one of my favorite quilts I made.

  2. Love all the colour Margarita. What a great way to interpret your thoughts. I tried quilting once but that was traditional and I didn't take to it very well but this might be different.

  3. Thank you Sandie. You make beautiful ATCs. You can start by stitching those and then do it bigger. That's how I start many of my quilts.

  4. Hi Margaret,

    Your quilt is beautiful and love the lively colors!
    It would look great in my studio! :)

  5. Thank you Normajean and Norma for the nice comments.I hope this quilt will find a nice home!

  6. Marga, That is just beautiful! I always love your work!

  7. This is such a beautiful quilt home.

  8. Beautiful work. Congratulations on your win!

  9. Your quilt made my heart blossom. Congratulations.


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