Silk and Wool Scarf

This is a silk and wool scarf that has been dyed and over dyed three times with acid dyes. During the process,  I noticed this type of dye also splits when applying a new color. Next time I will take notes to have them on hand as a reference for the next dyeing session. The main problem I have is with the finishing technique. Since I bought the yardage and cut it myself according to the size I wanted, I took the piece to my serger and tried different stitches BUT I don't like the end result. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  1. First, beautiful dyeing! For hemming, I have had good results with a rolled hem foot on my regular sewing machine. I also fine that I can do a rolled hem by hand almost as fast (with a little practice, I can do a scarf that size in about 10 minutes). Be sure to use silk thread if you hem before dyeing.

  2. Beautiful! I agree with Dana, rolled hem, either by hand or with the rolled hem foot!

  3. A trick I learned from Jack Brockette who does a lot of silk pojagi work is to starch the heck out of the edges........just your standard spray starch (Faultless brand is good). Iron until dry (we protect the surface of the ironing board with an old sheet; also test on scrap to find the hottest setting your fabric can take before you scorch the real thing). Makes turning the edges so much easier. I've been meaning to try it with slinky fabric on the serger, but haven't done that yet. Good luck.

  4. Do you have an embellisher? I wonder how it would work to just run an embellisher along the edge to finish it. I have had good luck doing this with silk.

    Beautiful scarf!



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