International Quilt Festival in one day

Thursday night my husband came home and said to me: Pack your suitcase. We are leaving tomorrow. Where are we going? I asked, and he replied, to Houston to the International Quilt Festival! I was so excited that didn't know what to pack and could barely sleep. So we traveled to Houston for a day. Let me tell you what a wonderful experience we had. Everybody was happy to be there and the energy was amazing. First we went to see the display of the quilts--they did a beautiful job hanging every piece of art. Some I've seen in pictures but it does not do them any justice, seeing them in person is something else. I felt a chill going through my body when I saw two of my quilts in the competition "The World of Beauty".

 Yes, I wish I could have stayed a little longer to have time to read every artist's statement to understand the reasons behind their work, and to take some more pictures, but I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. What a day. It was long, but we finished happily tired with my heart full of memories. We rested on the flight home.
My quilt is in the middle


  1. Wow! How exciting is that? And what a wonderful husband! Did you have any AAQI quilts on display, as well? Just knowing I had donation quilts for them was fun, I cannot imagine the thrill of your lovely quilts on display! Congratulations!

  2. I love your quilt Marga! And your husband is a wonderful man!! What a great surprise!


  3. That must have been the best surprise ever! I'm going to drop that hint to my DH. Love your work!


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