Alzheimer's donation quilt

I am committed to the Quilt-A-Month challenge to support the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative.
The task at hand involves the creation of a small quilt every month for at least 6 months for donation purposes.This is my first quilt called "Flores" which is Spanish for flowers.
materials used: junk mail, old newspapers and fabric
techniques: hand calligraphy, laminated paper, paper cloth, machine stitching and hand embroidery.


  1. really beautiful Marga! Did you paint the background? I love it!


  2. Just lovely! I'm interested in how you used the junk mail...

  3. Marga, I am so glad you committed to the AAQI. This one is beautiful, and I can't wait to see more!
    I really hope your class gets going.

  4. Marga, your first AAQI quilt is a knock out! Absolutely stunning!

  5. Hi Margaret! I do fabric cloth with junk mail and from that I form the flowers.

    Hi Judy! Yes the background I painted with acrylic and water colors.


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