Won Jerry's Artarama Contest

BIRD'S EYE VIEW- made with recycled materials

I participated in a contest called "Junk Mail Art" held by the store Jerry's Artarama (http://www.jerrysartarama.com/) - I had to make a piece of art using junk mail- and won a gift certificate from them to choose any material I want. Yesterday I got my "goodies"(I'm showing only a part of it). I'm doing a happy dance!


  1. Hey there Marga!

    Congratulations!!! Your entry is beautiful and I can see why you won! How cool is that!!!


  2. Congratulations Marga!!!! Your art quilt is awesome and you received some cool stuff. No wonder you are doing a happy dance ;-)

  3. Marga, you are Sooooo talented. Congratulations on your win. (And I expect I'll see many more). :-)))

  4. Wow, great art and congratulations on winning some great supplies!!!
    Happy dance to the 10th power!!!


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