Mixed media with paper and fabric

I joined a group: http://haikuart.blogspot.com/ where the members receive a "prompt" word every month from which we have to compose a haiku poem and represent it in a way of our choosing, using any art medium.

The january word is BEGINNING. I have never composed a poem before....this is my first haiku:

You pave a new path
jump, bounce and hop up and down
come shine a new day

techniques: the background fabric is a mono print. The top layer is a polyester fabric that has been laminated with old newspaper clippings with the help of a thermofax screen; this piece was then laminated with silver leaf and silk screened with fabric paint (jumping people). The "haiku" poem has been printed directly to a leftover piece of the background fabric. detail


  1. Love your fiber piece. The little guys are great!

  2. i love your fibre piece too, the fabrics look wonderful together...

  3. I love your haiku poem and your piece represents the poem well.

  4. Marga, I continue to be in awe of your talent!


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