recycled holiday cards, tarjetas para las fiestas con materiales de reciclaje

Since I have friends that celebrate the holidays but not necessarily Christmas, I made these greeting cards without religious motives using recycled materials that I have on hand.
This project was lots of fun and very relaxing. I took a brown paper bag and wrote down all my emotions with a black marker. Then I painted the bag with gesso. Once it dried, I painted it with red and blue acrylics. After that I used stencils imprinted with words. Then I took metal tape, wrote more emotions down with an old pen, painted the surface with black, blotted it with a paper towel and cut the vase. After that I cut flowers from a newspaper and pasted them on. Lastly , I used my sewing machine to accentuate the design.


  1. Those are lovely Marga! I'd love to get inside your head and watch your mind as it creates these masterpieces!

    Merry Merry!


  2. Marga, check my website for locations - St. Pete, Ft. Myers, Sarasota... but I will actually be in Orlando in June 2010 teaching at Florida Cabin Fever Guild.

  3. Your friends will be thrilled with these cards- I would frame each one!! Beautiful!!

  4. wonderful idea, wonderful execution, wonderful sentiment!

  5. Such brilliant creations, thank you for sharing your creative process :)

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