mixed media with paper and cloth

I modelled this collage with watercolor paper background and fabric on top, then I stitched with the help of the sewing machine and by hand. This is one of the techniques I learned from the class.
Este collage lo hice con papel para pintura de acuarelas en el fondo y aplicación de diferentes telas encima, luego de varias capas de pinturas cosí encima con la ayuda de la máquina de coser en algunos lados y a mano en otros lados.


  1. Marga, that is a brilliant piece! I just love it!


  2. Oh very nice!!!

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  3. Your piece is wonderful, Margarita. I also love how you did the bookmarks. It's been a great class, although I've been working abit slowly. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

  4. ¡Felicidades porque está genial!


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