Artitela - Art Cloth

The fabric is rayon twill dyed, resisted and over-dyed with "fiber reactive dye"and afterwards silkscreened with opaque fabric paints.
Esta tela rayón la imprimí usando la técnica de serigrafía con tintes espesos de diferentes colores y pinturas opacas para textiles.
back view of "kimono blouse" made with complex cloth
vista de atrás de la "blusa kimono" hecha con la artitela

front view of "kimono blouse" made with complex cloth

vista frontal de la "blusa kimono" hecha con la artitela


  1. Love your cloth Marga, great to see what you've made with it too.
    Thanks for visiting me & your comment.

  2. Hi Marga,
    Thanks for the encouraging comment on my blog - its always really uplifting to hear from someone else out of the blue. I loved the suggestion of the thermofax screens. I hadn't known about them but I did a bit of research and found a company here that does it's own designs and you can send your own design to be made into a screen - and I might just do that one day soon! And if I do I'll be sure to post the results.
    Love your cloth - that orange and pink zesty colour combo is one of my favourites. I just love the way it zings!

  3. Wow: I am just loving what you are doing with your fabric! Is that a commercial blouse pattern? It is very nice. I have gotten some of the rayon twill but haven't had a chance to use it yet.
    Keep up the great work!



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