*New* Year, *New* challenges

It's a New Year! This time of the year always makes me reflect and think where I am in my life and how this influences my art.
It is always part of a story in progress. I try to use materials in a different way, a way that stretches me in different directions.

I love to challenge myself. And this year will be no different. With all that is happening in the world my need for art has substantially increased.

Currently I am working on a *pieced* quilt, yes it is my first time working with little pieces of fabric. The next picture  shows one third of the quilt. It still is a work in progress. It is composed of 365 little squares. If you do a search online about *Temperature quilts* you will see hundreds of beautiful designs; mine is made from paper, paint and cloth!

The picture above shows a finished pillow based on my workshop *Surprise Printing on the Go* -a portable painting technique.

Do you feel the need to do more art as well?


  1. I saw your pillow on FB...it's is gorgeous! Look forward to the quilt next!!!! I have to admit during this time "off", I've only been knitting...did some painting of papers but no quilt or creations...hope I'm getting back into the swing of it. Did some mono printing this past weekend. The best to you in 2021!

    1. Thank you Robbie for your kind words. I wish you the best for 2021. I can see that you are getting *artfully* busy. :)


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