Wool Roving Fabric

Techniques: wool roving fabric-my latest article in the winter issue 2015 of Craft Ideas Magazine. ,infused newsprint cloth and hand-embroidery.

I started by ironing the wool roving fabric on an infused newsprint cloth based on my own technique where the end result is a pliable and washable fabric easy to sew.
Then I chose colorful spools of LANA Aurifil Thread for the hand-embroidery. Because these threads has been made with 50% wool, the textured strands marries beautifully with the wool roving fabric.
I hope you will try this new technique.


  1. Oh Margarita your froggy is so cute and gorgeous. Well worth all your special attention. Hey mate, have you got any ideas for celebration! Got any suggestions I'm thinking do I dare consider making a quilt for the local challenge! Would love to know if you do could you please drop me a line if you do have any thoughts. Thanks Jules

    1. Julie,
      Thank you for your kind words. Let me think and will give you suggestions for your local challenge, just give a few days:)

  2. Darn! I saw this magazine in Red Deer this morning, and couldn't find your article. Blessedly, I will be there again next week, and will have another look, as I am indeed intrigued!


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