Instant Paper Cloth WORKSHOP 5

ONE day workshop (6 hours, for quilters and non-quilters alike)

I developed a technique to combine paper with cloth without the use of any liquid polymer medium. I call it "INSTANT PAPER CLOTH TECHNIQUE".

Students will learn how to create instant paper cloth with layers of printed materials. Then they will learn how to applique details with free motion stitching or none (in case of non-quilters). Transparent or fabric motives will be applied over this base. Next we will paint and/or stitch the motifs. Finally each print could be framed for decoration. 

And if time allows we will apply easy hand embroidery stitches. Otherwise a hands on demonstration will be given. 


This class is open to all levels who would like to explore quilting techniques with different materials beyond fabrics. 

Please contact Margarita via email ( for details 
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