*ZOOM* Meeting Artcloth with Paper and Fabric

*ZOOM* Meeting made with paper and fabric.
27 inches by 31 inches
My inspiration for this artcloth came from the directive to stay home and the need for internet communication. Each circle and square represent a person participating in a video call.

 I started by creating a color palette and mixing the paint colors. On rare occasions I have used the original paint color that the manufacturer provides.

Then I chose old newspapers from the bin. In this case, the papers came from seven different countries.

After the newsprint was infused into the cloth (INC a washable paper and cloth) a new painting technique was applied which I called *Phantom Printing*. With this technique one never knows for certain where the images appear. It thus has a certain serendipity factor in it. The picture above has the first layer application.

This picture shows the second layer, the *surprise* layer where a second image appears, in this case the white lettering.

close ups

before hand embroidery

after hand-embroidery
This art piece will always remind me of how precarious life is. Things can change in a blink of an eye. To cherish what we have, don't take anything for granted and try to live intensely.
Please stay safe.


  1. Oooooo, especially love this one! It really captures the feeling of a zoom call, the colors are bright but the text carries a message. I especially enjoy the texture of the phantom printing and the hand embroidery!

  2. As always, your work and workmanship is wonderful!!! And so inspiring to us!!


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