*Craft Napa* 2020- Part ONE

Student work - Technique: *Instant Paper-Cloth*
I just returned from Craft Napa. What a wonderful experience it was. This is the fifth year Pokey Bolton organized this event. She really knows how to kick off the New Year with inspirational classes in the gorgeous Napa valley.
We were 17 faculty members and 250 students. Most of the daily events took place at the Embassy Suites Hotel. It ensured that we could mingle more during meal times or just sitting around during the breaks, thus giving us the opportunity to know each other a little bit more outside the classroom. The energy was very positive - it made it a happy meeting.
I gave the first of my three workshops, called *Surprise Printing on the GO*, at Pokey's Barn, which is located just a few miles from the Hotel. It is an ideal place to make a beautiful painted mess.  I took the photograph below just before my students arrived. Each student had their own table!

Following are some pictures of the last assignment the students worked on (I forgot to take pictures from the first ones).

 We also designed our own silkscreen:

The group together.
The second class I taught was my workshop *Instant Paper-Cloth* and it was at the Hotel. Here are some of the students' work:

And this is the group photo:

I am so proud of each of my students, they did a marvelous job!
You can see more pictures HERE

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