*Simply Moderne* Magazine.. my latest Article

The summer issue Number 17 of SIMPLY MODERNE MAGAZINE is out.
It shows my latest article on page 120 under the title Technical Lesson. Here I explain how to print a whole quilt top with hand-made stamps and paint.
The inspiration for this project came when the Pantone color 2019 - Living Coral- was announced. I knew I had to do a project in this color so I started mixing the paints to achieve the exact hue.

The stamps were then hand-carved based on my designs included in the article.

You can easily follow the instructions on how to print the rows and on how to complete each motif.

Afterwards, hand stitching was done with 12w thread. I used the same color as the binding.

This is the finished *Stamped Quilt Top*  
I hope you will try to stamp your own quilt soon!.

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