Heart of The Home *Artists Give Back*

Heart of the home is the new reader challenge organized by Quilting Arts Magazine. The idea was created by artist Jamie Fingal, asking quilters to produce a 14 by 14 inches quilt to donate to families transitioning out of homelessness into a permanent residence.
I’ve decided to make a mixed media piece with paper and fabric.

It all started by gathering materials I had on hand.
After all the pieces were ironed in place -raw edge appliqué- Hand-embroidery stitches: running stitches and French knot stitches were applied in some areas.

The white tiles you see on the base of the roof have been made following the instructions  from this article. They are easy to sew by machine. I used monofilament thread and a 75 size sewing machine needle.

The heart has been made from recycled magazine clippings following the instructions from this article. I used 50 weight cotton thread and a 75 machine needle.

The flowers have been made from sheer paper-cloth. I followed the instructions from this article.

I hope you will join me on donating your art. Deadline is December 7th, 2018.

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