Mixed media *Art*...in progress

The best way to beat the summer heat....-Yes, it is summer in my part of the world-
Techniques used: HUG stitch, paint, laminated newsprint, beads.


  1. This is quite stunning! I haven't painted my piece of collage yet...but hope to on Sunday....just gone too much...you must have more than one 'hug' stitch! Guess I need to look at some back issues of QA you've been in!!

  2. Robbie,
    I can't wait to see your collage! About the *hug* stitch, it is one of the stitches I use more often in my work and I wrote an article with step by step pictures. It was published in the premier issue 'Simple Moderne' magazine, Summer 2015 - my very first article in the French magazine :)

  3. I saw your work in the Quilting Arts Magazine. It looked very interesting and unique. When I tried doing the technique the newsprint was not at all clear. I was disappointed. I wish you had classes that were closer for me to attend.

    1. Carol,
      Try to use *magazine clippings*; as I stated in the article. If you use newspaper clippings, they will be not clear and the ink could run and make it all grey.
      I will teach this technique in Paducah, in September. Hopefully, I will teach it again in another show.

  4. Oh, that is so very pretty! I continue to enjoy reading about your work and your process -- a pleasure whenever it appears in QA magazine!


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