*Blue Ferns* technique used: Sun-Less Printing
How would you like to own a copy of the latest SIMPLY MODERNE #13 ?

Using my technique featured in the article you can paint different weights of fabric that can be used for wearable art, like the examples below:


Apron made with duck cloth fabric

close up

Silk scarf
You can watch  here the VIDEO OF MY TECHNIQUE
It is open to everybody, you can follow me here: Facebook Page or Instagram for an extra chance to win. Just leave a message below telling me which is your favorite color.
The winner will be chosen randomly Sunday, June 25 PST.
Good luck and Happy Painting!  


  1. Wow..enjoyed the video but expected to hear your voice! My favorite color is actually blue! Thanks for the post and opportunity!

  2. I’m actually liking the taupe and rose. Great combination

  3. My favorite color is purple!

  4. I love the blue fern leaf, but silk takes color so beautifully that the rose is my favorite here. So happy to have found your blog!

  5. The rose-red is beautiful as it becomes a muted pink. Fascinating technique. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  6. My favorite color is Cyan - a piercing sky blue.

    :) Linda

  7. I absolutely love all shades of blue.


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