*NEW* Workshops at AQS Fall 2018

I'd love to spark your creativity at one of my workshops at AQS- Fall 2018

I will bring a kit with most of the materials needed to work in class, you just come with basic sewing supplies and ready to have fun!

My first workshop is:
*Hand  Appliqué with Paper and Fabric* # 53513
I made *NEW* samples:
As my student you can choose to work on:

1) A printed block *silkscreened by me*….or:

2) To work on a non-colored block; and appliqué one of the art-deco flowers or leaves.

By combining magazine clippings with fabric you will create a unique fiber art.
  This is a great opportunity to learn how to stitch on paper, laminate and foil it.
 My second workshop is:
*Hug Stitch: Embellish by Hand* # 56503.
I made *NEW* samples:
 As my student you can choose to work on:
1) A printed block *silkscreened by me*. Instructions will be given to finish the pillow  at
    at home (see picture above)...or:
2) To work on a non-colored block.

 *Blue Dodo* The whole quilt top has been embroidered using the HUG Stitch.
 Let me know if you have any questions.


  1. Margarita where are your workshops and do you do any online workshops? Love your work.

    1. Shirlee,
      This year I will teach this technique in a couple of weeks in Paducah. Possibly I will be teaching this in Memphis-Tennessee,next year. I do not have workshops online, yet.
      Thank you for your kind words :)


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