The start of a *New* Paper and Fabric Quilt

 After choosing a thread, I pulled out the fabric paints and started mixing them to match it's *exact* hue. It is interesting to discover how much underlining colors are in each mix. How much blue, yellow, gray and brown in different amounts are included in the mix to achieve the color palette I wanted.
Afterwards, the recycled newspapers came out.

Then, I applied an original technique which I developed and named *Infused Newsprint cloth* (INC) .
 My method allows for the SEAMLESS integration of aged print on various types of cloth. Which is also washable!
As shown on the figure, I am in the process of applying simple stitches around the shapes by hand.

The following picture was taken during my visit to the PUPS Quilt guild where I
 had the joy of giving a lecture entitled *The Odd Couple- Paper and Fabric in Quilting* What a nice and warm group of ladies!

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