*Inspiration* from the International Quilt Festival 2017-Part One

  *Inspiration* from the International Quilt Festival 2017

Family Celebration by Becky Grover 
Birds Choir by Bella Kaplan 
MidTown by K. Velis Turan
Urban Voyeur: Union Station by Jill Kerttula
Paint the Town Jelly bean by Shelley Delhay-Turner
(Detail) Field Sketch-Cornflower by Noriko Nozawa
Dance of the Dragonflies by JoAnn Hoffman

The Golden window by Cecilia Koppmann


  1. Urban Voyeur: Union Station by Jill Kerttula m'intrigue beaucoup, c'est difficile de voir quelle technique a été utilisée, mais j'aime

    1. I agreed with you Marianne, the technique of that quilt also intrigues me. She wrote that she pasted and painted *on top* of a photo. I would love to know more :)

  2. Hello Margarita and thank you for sharing a wonderful selection of quilters quilts! They all are stunning. But the one that speaks to me is from Noriko Nozawa. I just love her fine line ?quilting of the background and her standout appliqued flowers - amazing. Now that you have given me someone to check out or find out more on. I'm off to do exactly do that. So thanks for sharing mate. Until next time, happy quilting as always. From your most definitely mad Aussie mate!

    1. Thank you mate :) It is always an inspiration when you see all these quilts together.


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