Painting Cloth to match my New Buttons

On my last trip to New York I visited the garment district. It was in there where I found unusual buttons with chocolate brown and chartreuse colored lines.
Once home, I put a piece of rayon fabric on my table and prepared the fabric reactive dyes to match my buttons (Brazilian nut and Chartreuse from dharmatrading). Then I thickened them a little, turned on salsa music full blast and started to pour the dyes on to the cloth.

Oh, how much fun I had dyeing with just the flow of the melodies I heard. When I was done I felt content, in my happy place.
After batching (waiting for the dye to stick to the fibers of the cloth), washing and drying, I used this artcloth to sew a garment for myself. Once it was finished, I used Aurifil 28w cotton thread for details. I chose this thread because it shows off the topstitching beautifully and at the same time it's sturdy.
And here I am showing off my finished garment, which I called *My Guacamole Blouse*


  1. Oh my gosh I want that blouse-fabulous!

  2. Ah, a girl after my own heart, someone who would paint fabric to match the buttons. It looks great and lime green just happens to be one of my favorite colors to wear.

  3. My thoughts mirror Norma's. The usual order is to make the garment and then select the best buttons. Pure genius to start with the garments and design a blouse to match. Your description of painting to music brought back an early childhood memory. I must have been in 1st or 2nd grade. Our class arrived in the "music" room to discover the walls covered in paper, containers of paint and brushes. I can't recall the music, but I do recall the pure pleasure of painting to it.

    1. What a nice memory Gwyned, thank you for sharing it with me :)

  4. Fabulous blouse! Those buttons were a great inspiration.

  5. The fabric is beautiful and works perfectly with the buttons, moreover, the whole thing looks fabulous on you, just the right colors! Next time you should probably start with making buttons yourself )))


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