Smile with Confidence

As we get older chances are that we get some more dental work done. Some of us end up with crowns and bridges. We all know how difficult they are to clean especially when we eat leafy food and seeds. There’s nothing more embarrassing than being seated around a table, with friends, enjoying spinach dip, salad or delicious sushi and food gets stuck between your teeth without noticing it. You continue your conversations oblivious to the pesky stuff “decorating” your mouth.

“Soft-picks®”, which are little cones that you can carry in your pocket or your purse, are ideal for rescuing you in these kinds of situations. That’s why I had the idea to do a case for them, which is flat, small and funky that I can carry everywhere and, best of all, it is made from recyclable material!

Let me guide you through the process:
Choose a colored piece of newspaper and write on top with a black marker. It doesn’t matter if it is legible or not, nobody is going to read it--what you want are the black marks to be a part of the design. It is a liberating stage.
Once you are happy with the design choose one or two acrylic colors mixed with a little water and paint the whole surface.
Iron interfacing on the back (any kind will do).
Print words from your computer, in this case I chose the word “smile” in four different languages and cut them apart. Cut letters from newspaper and shapes from colored papers with the help of punchers.
Iron on Vinyl on top, which is a sticky plastic that comes on a roll. I used the Therm O Web® brand. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Cut in strips 6 inches long and 2 inches wide.
With the help of a glass, mark and cut a rounded shape on one end and sew a small button on the other; as shown in the picture.
Fold 1 ½ inches up, from the straight end and sew each side with straight stitches. Put a drop of Fray Check® at the ends before cutting the thread tails.
Once sewn, fold again but this time 2 ½ inches up and crease
Congratulations, your funky case is done! Make sure you make more than one since your friends will love them too!


  1. Those are a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are so cute! And I love your fabric. I should make one for my dad- he's always fishing one of these loose out of the detritus of his pocket and it's a bit gross. I love the pouch!


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