*Hand-Embroidered Hug Stitch* WORKSHOP at the International Quilt Festival

Add the *wow* factor to your hand-embroidery with the *Hug Stitch* by using thick chunky threads stitched by hand. This is made almost entirely on top of a previously machine-stitched line with bold wonderful results.
*Hand-Embroidered "Hug" stitch* is one of my new workshops that will debut at the International Quilt Festival this coming fall 2016 in Houston.

This workshop will be held on Thursday November 3rd. from 9 to noon.CLASS 447
Each student will create one of the butterflies from the picture shown above. 
I hope you will join me. I would love to meet you. Let me know if you have any questions.
You can read HERE the other workshop I'm offering also at the Festival.

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