Make your *OWN* Stamps for Coloring Cloth

*Wool is my target*
 One of the reasons for always starting with a white piece of fabric is the liberty I have to make my own marks on the cloth. Lately I have been experimenting on carving my own stamps and using them to apply color and design to fabric.
I used the book *Carve Stamp and Play* by Julie Fei Fan Balzer to guide me on how to design my own. I cut a few.
And used them with fabric paint to color silk and cotton fabrics, as shown below.
I also made a small art quilt figuring a sheep. I chose 12w cotton Aurifil Thread to sew around the design with the help of my sewing machine and 12w LANA Aurifil Thread to sew details by hand.
 I LOVE how the LANA thread leaves bold details on my work with simple stitches. Once my sheep was embroidered I did my trapunto technique and sandwiched the three layers together.

Then I loaded the sewing machine with 50 w cotton Aurifil Tread thread and added free motion stitching.


  1. What fun and what a delightful stamp carving! You are multi-talented in all ways!


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