Celebrating *Valentine's Day* with Paper and Fabric

Techniques used: Instant Paper- Cloth (workshop 3 offer), Wool roving fabric, machine embroidery and hand-embroidery.
The Instant Paper-Cloth is a technique I developed, where you combine paper with cloth without the use of any polymer medium.

You could use printed matter that has a special meaning to you. Like magazines or flyers from your local area, from a trip, a store or a particular event.

After I made the base, I painted two bird designs and a heart shape. I love how the transparent layers of paper and wool roving play together.
If you have been reading my blog you know how much I like to work with thick threads so for the free-motion stitching I chose Aurifil12w cotton threads for the top of my machine.
For the hand-embroidery I used Aurifil Lana thread.  I really enjoy to use the textured strands of these threads. This 50% wool thread runs smoothly up and down the paper and fabric leaving behind strong and colorful marks.

Give a hug, cherish the people you love. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!


  1. Love all of your paper and fabric posts. You inspire me every time I stop by for a visit. Unfortunately, that's often on my phone and it won't allow me to leave comments on a lot of blogs.But I enjoy each and every visit tremendously!


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