Paper and Fabric Quilt

*Dos Gallinas*
Detail of the finished paper and fabric quilt.
Let me show you the evolution of this small quilt...
After I finished doing my paper cloth top, I went to my thread drawer and picked some Aurfil spools.
I thread the sewing machine with Aurifil 28w cotton thread on the top and 40w polyester thread in the bobbin.
And started to sew around the details.
Once finished, I choose to work with Aurifil Lana/wool thread, which is also 12w to do some details with hand-embroidery.
Afterwards, I did the binding like I always do it with 2 inch strips of fabric sewed around the perimeter of the quilt. On examination of the almost finished piece, I felt that something was missing, so I decided to sew bold stitching lines *on top* of the binding with the sewing machine.
I thread the sewing machine with Aurifil Lana/wool 12w on the top and 40w polyester thread in the bobbin. I used a longer straight stitch(in my machine I choose number 3) and loosen up the tension a little. Then I started to sew slowly *in the ditch*, as shown in the picture below.
Following this I sew with the same thread color a parallel line, this time on top of the folded binding.
Once I reached the first stitch I made, I stopped and left a long tail. I removed the quilt from the sewing machine and with a needle I sent the thread tails to the back. I placed a small knot to hide the threads in-between the layers, 
And this is the finished quilted. I love how the bold straight lines adds a special detail, making it more interesting for the viewer, don't you think?
*Dos Gallinas*
A paper and fabric quilt. 13 inches by 8 inches.


  1. Hi Margarita,
    Hope you are doing well . :)
    I love your "Dos Gallinas" paper and fabric quilt.
    You know, I am a FAN OF YOUR ART! :)

    1. Thank you Norma for your sweet comment. It is always nice to hear from you. Hugs back to you.

  2. I love your brightly colored birds and flowers! They feel so springy!

    1. Thank you Shannon for your nice comment. Yes, I love vibrant colors:)

  3. the binding thread is terrific statement. Was the thicker thread troublesome?
    LEeAnna at not afraid of color

    1. LEaAnna,
      The secret to work with thicker threads is to work slowly. For the binding I lengthen the stitches to number 3 in my machine and loosen up a bid the tension. Doing that you shouldn't have any troubles.

  4. Beautiful bright colors!! What a fun project!


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