West Tennessee Art Education Association Workshop

I had the honor of teaching a wonderful group of art teachers this past weekend at the Memphis College of Art. Here are some pictures of the attendees working hard.

They learned an art class suitable for kids from pre-k to 8th grade. They did an amazing job. Each of their pieces was a work of art!

And here I am teaching the class:


  1. Margarita hello,

    Your class looked like a heap of fun. Would have loved to be there to learn all your cool stuff. I have not been sewing lately too busy crocheting. I can't remember if you saw my doily I made on facebook. Well I am making another of the pink one and the other that I've got on the go is going to my best friend who is being overworked at the moment so it's going with a big hug! It's a pattern I found on Pinterest (such a wonderful site). No instructions as the writing is in japanese. I can read the pattern wonderfully. So far so good, it's turning out like it should. When finished will post pictures on my page. After the repeat doily is finished got one more to make unless you would like one too! Just let me know what colour you would like white, ercu or something else. Happy to make you one! Hope this email finds you well. Hugs to you Julie. julie714@adam.com.au

    1. Oh my dear Julie, I wish you live closer too so I can share different techniques with you. I will go and visit your page since I love your work :)


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