Quilt *INSPIRED* by a Spool of Thread

"Quilting Jive"
Story: This is Lola, a quilter that just finished her quilt. She is so happy that she went outside to dance with a handkerchief on her hand humming a delightful rhythm.
The inspiration for this piece started with this spool of 28 w Aurifil cotton thread. This is a variegated thread color 4648. I love this color combination of purple, orange/rust and light yellow. My goal was to use only these colors with the addition of black. And the quilt had to be made with paper and fabric.
I started by painting and pasting my designs.
Appliqué some details.
Applied seed beads.

I hand-embroidered the tile designs with two strands of the same spool of thread. What I like about this thread is that you can use it by hand and by machine with wonderful effects. Especially this kind of variegated threads where the color changes add an extra layer to your work.

Here, I hand-embroidered the hair. I used 28w Aurifil black color.
I hope you will look in your thread drawer next time you decide to start a new quilt and find inspiration by the wonderful color combinations that are available on the market.


  1. You have skillfully incorported so many different techniques into this piece......eye candy for sure!!

  2. This is cool. I love the story of Lola, and how you have executed the idea. Threads are often so pretty, a great source of inspiration for sure.

  3. She looks so fun and happy! Dancing for joy!

    1. Yes, Shannon and that is how I feel when I finished a quilt!

  4. Replies
    1. Yes dear Margaret, it is fun to do quilts. personally I enjoyed the most this particular technique.

  5. What a good idea to use thread as your inspiration. A lovely piece. Aurifil is my favourite thread manufacturer.


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