Workshops in West Tennessee

Colorme Fish Workshop 4
This past Saturday I gave a workshop in a nearby city called Bartlett, at my friend Nysha's studio here in west Tennessee. The topic was fabric paints.
Painting Toolbox Workshop 3
We created a chart that showed how we modified the paints creating interesting variations. It was a class full of tips and ideas meant to inspire my students. To read more information about my workshops, on the upper right hand side of my blog.

These are my wonderful students--thank you for participating in my class!


  1. The broad smiles on the class members tell the story: it was a productive workshop and they had fun! :-)

    1. Thank you Margaret. As you can see I am also in the picture (bottom) and also smiling because I also had fun!

  2. Margarita, you are a wonderful teacher! The class was fun, I learned things, and I didn't have to bring any supplies to class! Win-win!


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