Working with Aurifloss 8w Cotton Threads from Aurifil

*Una Rosa* collagraphy on fabric
I wrote an article for Quilting Arts magazine Feb/March 2013 issue about how to obtain a *foolproof collagraphy* print on fabric. The best part is that you do not need a press. Just empty cereal boxes, glue, paint and fabric.
After I printed my image on fabric, I decided to enhance it with Aurifloss 8w cotton thread. You use this thread when you want bold stitches. I used the six strands together.
With just a few simple stitches you can add interesting accents.
 I love to combine machine stitching with hand embroidery in the same art piece.

As you can see from the picture above, you can choose the same color thread as Aurifloss 8w cotton thread in 12w or 28w, as I did. 
After I finished the hand-embroidery I applied seed beads. There is something magical about combining delicate seed beads with chunky embroidered stitches that I just adore.
When it was time to make the quilt sandwich and to do the final free motion stitching, I chose 50w Aurifil cotton thread. Because I chose warm colors to accent my print I also wanted to choose a warm color for the background but not too dark or it would have covered the marks of the paint that are typical from a collagraph print.
I hope you will try these threads that come in an array of beautiful colors.


  1. Your block design look so wonderful Margarita. Almost like a hand drawn picture! The aqua thread really does stand out and makes the block have that certain wow factor. Your back ground quilting helps the design pop too!. Really all together WOW. I really do like it. I'm actually really interested in learning how to do. Which magazine did your article get printed in. I'm thinking of buying a copy. Happy Quilting.

    Finished another doilie tonight will post a picture at My Quilt Place! It's is 20 inches wide in circular pattern.

    1. Oh, thank you my dear Julie for your sweet comment. We both like aqua :)
      The article came out on Quilting Arts Magazine Feb./March 2013. It is a very easy technique. You have different results with different kind of fabrics.
      I would love to see your doily since I LOVE the one you sent me.

  2. Hi Margarita,
    Hope you are enjoying life in Tennessee! :)
    Love this piece with the lovely aqua stitching.
    Are you offering any online classes?

    1. Hello Norma,
      I am liking very much Tennessee because I am meeting wonderful people.
      I am glad you like this piece. For now, I am offering classes in person only. :)


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