Hand Embroidery on Paper and Fabric

I love the practice of hand stitching. The world turns quiet and the movement always calms me. Seeing the end result of colorful marks on my paper and fabric quilts with thick colorful threads gives me a sense of joy and accomplishment.

It is a meditative act that I've learned to love. 

I try to always have at least one project at this stage so I can stop whatever I am doing and enjoy the stillness of the moment.
detail with hand embroidery
detail while adding beads


  1. Beautiful bird - as are the ones in the earlier posts. I love the idea of working with paper and fabric too. I hand quilt and find that also to be a meditative, calming way to spend time.

    1. Thank you Kaja for the nice comment. We share the same love: *work with paper and fabric*.

  2. Beautiful. Love the thread on paper.


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