Working with LANA Aurifil Threads by Hand and by Machine on Infused Newsprint Cloth

Paper and fabric quiltlet.
Love the finished effect of the LANA Aurifil Thread on the infused newsprint cloth based on my own technique where the end result is a pliable and washable fabric easy to sew.

If you have been reading my blog you must know by now how much I love to work with thick threads. I sew with them by hand and by machine.
For this *quiltlet* I used my HQ Sweet Sixteen sewing machine and Lana Aurifil threads. To have success in working with these threads on your machine you have to use a slower speed (I do not go faster then 35%), use a new needle (size 20) and 40w or 50w thread in the bobbin.
 The picture below shows how it should look in the back. Perfect tension.
After I finished sewing by machine, using the same threads I sew details by hand. Because of its textured nature it covers very well the background with a matte finish look.


  1. What is infused newsprint cloth? How do you make it? I am intrigued with this idea. Love the quilt!!

    1. Hello Kate, I call *Infused Newsprint Cloth* a process I developed where the paper and fabric becomes one. Thank you for the comment :)

  2. Hi Margarita,
    How are you doing?
    I have missed you. :(
    I was having problems with Google for 7 months and finally my daughter figured what was wrong and I am back blogging! Yay
    Then in June had to have colon surgery so I am still on the mend but feeling better.
    I love Petunia! What a great quiltie.
    If you can please visit my blog and see my Geisha tags that I recently made and please leave a comment.
    Hugs and talk soon

    1. Norma, I'm sorry to hear about your surgery, I wish you a speedy recovery. Thank you for visiting me again ;)


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