*Prayer Flag* - October- Breast Cancer Awareness Month

*A Flower for You*
a paper and fabric prayer flag
October is -Breast Cancer Awareness Month-  I have friends that are fighting this terrible disease so I decided to make them prayer flags with paper and fabric.
Some I made big and some I made small for easier fitting in a card and mailing.
After I put together pieces of paper cloth and fabric I decided to cut some letters out to form words of encouragement and for them to be part of the design. To accomplish this I took out my *Slice* machine and put it to work.

First I ironed on fusible web to the underside of a designer paper. Then I peeled the paper off and with its glue side down, I chose the letter size (in this case I chose 1 inch size) and started to cut.

After I've formed the word, I covered it with parchment paper and ironed it in place.
With the help of a sewing machine I then sewed all around to secure all the pieces in place. Afterwards, I then decided to embellish it.
I used 12w Aurifil thread for some details and...
...beading and paper flowers for other details.

I bought a supported stencil to paint on the backing fabric or on the envelop. All the proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research.
You can read more about *The Prayer Flag Project* in this blog

Let's make prayer flags and support our loved ones.

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