Paper and Fabric Quilt

I've recently relocated to another city. My heart is still in the *old place* where we spent many happy years. To be more present in this new city I needed to embrace it and to help me with that I decided to do a paper and fabric quilt.

The quilt started with a painted background. I applied 4 layers of paint before stenciling the focal point and wrote with hand-calligraphy the message *embrace change* and appliqued paper.

After the base was finished I started to make decisions on how to apply the *toppings*, that is what I call the upper layer-texture with thread. I used a combination of 12w and 40w Aurifil thread.

First, I loaded my sewing machine with 12w Aurifil thread and started sewing the flowers, when finished I sewed details with the same thread, by hand.
I sewed the sun with thick 12w yellow thread and beaded following the sewing lines.
I sewed around each letter.

I changed the top thread for a 40w Aurifil thread and sewed the background with a simple loop design.

This quilt is hanging in my living room where I can always see it and reading its message helps me with the process to embrace this new city--my new city.


  1. Margarita, I didn't know you moved...:(
    Do you have family there?
    Your New art piece is lovely! Hope it helps you Embrace the Change of residence.
    Do you still have the same email address? I want to email you.

  2. Yes, I do have the same email address Norma. My art always helps me whatever life throws my way.

  3. Gorgeous, Margarita. When you say paper, is it real paper? Have you treated it in some fashion so it looks like fabric?

    1. Thank you Denise. it is real paper infuse in fabric. Almost any kind of paper can be use. In this particular case I used newspaper.

  4. It's fabulous Margarita. I love reading about your process and motivation too.

  5. Hi Margarita, This quilt looks fantastic. Love all your embellishments too. Would love to see the whole quilt from a different perspective. I know that your trying to probably protect your work but it wold be great to view as you do. Julie

  6. Lovely piece! It is difficult to make a major move, we have done it twice. Good luck!

  7. I love your combination of hand and machine threadwork. The compost piece is striking! love it
    LeeAnna Paylor

  8. This is so amazingly beautiful! Good luck in your new city!

  9. What a beautiful quilt! It caught my eye immediately. What a wonderful way to "move" your heart to your new place.

  10. Iknow what it means to live in a new place and the heart is still in the past....
    thank you for your idea... Iwill try something like you....think it could help to settle down in the New..

  11. What a wonderful idea. And your quilting is gorgeous!


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