Avanté HandiQuilter Practice

I'm learning to use my HandiQuilter longarm machine. This is my first "presentable" piece, it's still in progress.
I'm trying to learn how to work with different threads, how to set the tensions. I am having FUN.


  1. Beautiful! My project for the New Year is to get better at machine quilting. I am taking a class on Craftsy now.

  2. what a lovely piece Marga!


  3. Thank you for the nice comments. Maggie, you are right, practice does helps :)

  4. Splendid !

    Under your fabric, when you are quilting, what do you use ?? cotton, felt, silk, Bamboo, polyester ?

    I am testing different textils, in free motion quilting ..which one do you use ???

    Excuse "my broken english" I learned it 60 years ago...

    Congratulations for you work..

    Nicole D.

    1. Nicole thank you for the nice comments. I use 100% cotton batting. The fabric is 100% cotton as well. The thread is 100% polyester 40 weight in the needle and 50 weight in the bobbin.
      By the way your english is perfect. :)
      Let me know if you have any more questions.


  5. Thank you Margarita !!
    I have been stopped in *needles creations* for a long times..(health and may be to much years!)

    In the coming week, I am about to finish a crazy (+ or - 1 Meter square )It's a long long adventure , a bit of my life..
    thanks for your answer.



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