Wonderfil Spagetti Thread

This is the first time I worked with "Spaghetti" threads from Wonderfil. They are #12, which means they are very thick BUT I didn't have any trouble to sewing with them. I used  number 100/16 size needles and went a little bit slower with a regular home sewing machine.
I used to work with double #40 threads in the same needle but the end result is not as beautiful as this thread. I will continue experimenting with it especially with my mixed media quilts which are made from paper and fabric.
I'm just a happy customer :)


  1. Beautiful! And the colors are so alive! Thanks for sharing!

  2. The colours in the Spagetti range of Wonderfil threads are so delicious... they certainly give vibrancy and a zing to any textile art. and the trick is to use the 100/16 needle and sew slowly just like you said Margarita....thanks for sharing too


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