Wonderfil Spagetti Thread on Laminated Fabric

Often I like to do a "practice piece" before I do a bigger and more elaborate quilt. I like to test the qualities of the thread, the batting and the correct size of needles.
This is one of them, again using spagetti thread on newsprint laminated fabric.


  1. Margarita, I think this is you best work so far. It's brilliant. Love it, love it! It took my breathe away. That would be spectactular on a very big quilt!!!! Just imagine how great it would be. Don't know what spagetti fibers are. Not sure if Australia gets them either? But would love to see the packaging/info etc. julie714@adam.com

  2. Julie, thank you for the nice comments. Wonderfil is a Canadian company and they also sell it in Australia. The only thread I have used from them is "spagetti" and love it!! They have a good variety and I'm planning on trying them all...hopefully soon :).

  3. Oh, love this one too. Must do some research on the Spagetti thread. Have never heard of it.


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