Laminate Paper on Thick Fabrics

This is a work in progress. Unfortunately I can only show you a detail since the rules for certain competitions have changed and they prefer that you enter a piece that has not been published in your personal blog or on Facebook.
I am having lots of fun since I am exploring more "laminated paper tecniques" and discovered a way to do it on different kind of fabrics, even on thick ones. With this technique you can decide the shape and color of the newsprint you want to infuse in your fabric.


  1. Hi Margarita,
    Can't wait to see this piece finished. I am sure it will be another lovely work by you. :)
    Hope you win!


  2. You certainly have my interest! Love what I see so far! Newspaper...infused in fabric....hmmmmmmm

  3. Your blog reminded me that I have this book and not done anything out of it. You have inspired me to have a go. I'm sure your finished piece will look tremendous.

  4. Thank you for the nice comments, I'm certainly enjoying the process.


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