A Game to Start Children's Chores

I'm always thinking of ways to ask my children to do chores. We all know they don't receive these commands with a big smile on their face so why not create a "game" to start their chores?

That's why I created a vase with flowers, which I call "Command Flowers", best of all they're made from simple materials: paper and fabric.
Let me guide you through the process:
Fold a piece of felt lengthwise, 1 1/4 inch from the border and sew a straight line. Cut very close to the sewing line to obtain a long tube.
With a pair of scissors cut straight lines across being careful not to cut the sewing line. This will be the flower petals.
Repeat the same process for all the colored felt.
With the help of a thread and needle make a few stitches at one end of the cut tube and start doing a coil securing it with a few stitches
Once you are happy with your flower, cut the end.
Cut the floral wire 8 inches long, curl one end and sew in place in the center of the flower.
Cut a circle from a magazine page, try to use a different color of your felt for contrast and sew it in place with a decorative button in the middle.
For the flower vase, cut a strip of your fabric remnant, big enough to cover your thread spool. Sew a piece of rick rack in the middle. With glue paste the fabric over the spool.

Cut a circle bigger than your spool circumference and paste with glue the decorated spool on top.
Write in the computer the different commands. For example: Dry the dishes, Pick up the toys, Put the shoes in their place, Feed the dog, Put the dirty clothes in the laundry basket, Wash your teeth....etc.
Cut the paper in long pieces. Paste with glue one paper with a command per flower.
Congratulations your Command Flowers are finished. The idea is to start with all the flowers in the vase, once the child finished a choir he or she picked the right flower and put it away.

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  1. It's much cuter than my "chore jar" when the children were young. Great idea.


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