Paper and Fabric Gift Holder

My daughter's birthday is coming up and she knows that one of her gifts is going to be a gift card. Since I like to surprise her, I like to change the way I present it each year. This year, I made one big enough so I can even include a small chocolate inside. If you are like me, "life is always better with chocolate".

Let me guide you through the process. You probably already have all the materials on hand, since we will use fabric scraps and a page of a magazine from the recycling bin.

In a piece of felt (no smaller than 12 inches by 5 inches) accomodate pieces of fabric on top.
Once the felt is completely covered, grab a magazine page from your recycling bin and cut freehand hearts.
With a dot of white school glue paste them on top.
Cover on top with a piece of net tulle, any color
Take it to your sewing machine and with a nice decorative thread sew on top
Cut 11 inches by 4 inches and sew a piece of string or ribbon 2 inches from the bottom edge and another piece of ribbon under the upper edge
Fold 3 1/2 inches from the bottom and sew close to the edge
This is how it looks open , can you see the chocolate behind the gift cards? Mmmm, thank goodness there are more in the box to treat me after all the sewing.
This is how it looks like when it is closed.


  1. Oh Margarita, I love this idea! It is awesome.
    Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. That's fun!

    Kim in AB (via Surface Design yahoo list)

  3. This is really nice. What a wonderful way of presenting a gift card. Did you do the stitched hearts by free motion? Also, I wondered if the cord you used to close it is hand-dyed? Thank you also for the tutorial.

  4. Thank you for the nice comments!
    KnitYoga, yes I stitched the hearts by free motion and used superior thread #30. The cord is hand-dyed by me.

  5. Great idea .What a wonderful way to presenting gift card.Thank you share it.
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