Gelatin Plate:Paper and Fabric Card

I made this Paper and Fabric Card for a 25th year wedding anniversary!
Let me walk you through the process:
Spread paint on your "Gelatin Plate" and place paper cutouts on top. In this case, I cut number 2s and 5s, to use them like masks. Place a piece of fabric cloth on top.
Spread another color of paint on your "Gelatin Plate". Set aside the cutout numbers you used for masks but do not discard them.
Again place the same fabric cloth on top.
Now your fabric cloth will look more interesting with "ghost" numbers. Use glue to paste all those cutout numbers you put aside on top.
 Decide your composition, pull out another fabric cloth from your stash and start cutting out. Iron  "craft fuse", which is an interfacing with glue, to the back.
Load your sewing machine with a thick 30 weight thread and sew some details. Paste it on top of a blank card and voilá! Your card is ready to give to a loved one!


  1. What a terrific piece of art!
    Hugz, Nj

  2. OHHHHh I can see me trying this - how wonderful, thank you for the intstructions !

    sherrie holtkamp

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - I'm glad you liked my quilt.
    I've just bought a gelliplate so I'm eager to try out the tchnique you shared here-thanks for the info!

  4. Hi Marga,
    I really love this card! Beautiful.
    Would you like to trade one with me? Please email me privately.

  5. This was such a help in understanding the order of the layering. Thank you so very much. I just love and admire all of your work so much!


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