The Surface Design Association

"Inka River"
I made this piece for the "Merge and Flow" members' show which will be held in Minneapolis this coming June.
Description: While doing research from the
pre-Colombian era in Peru I started doing my drawings and ended up with this fish. I wanted to create a river where two colors merge so I used jungle green and golden yellow and create the illusion of movement and flow with the wavy hand-dyed and silk screened fabrics. The hand embroidery patterns are typical designs the natives used on their clothing and ceramics.
 Materials:  painted, hand-dyed and silk screened cloth. Paper lamination. Machine, hand embroidery and beading.


  1. Beautiful, original and such warm colours

  2. Wonderful Marga!
    Will you be in Minneapolis? I'd love to meet you!


  3. Thank you for the nice comments. Judy I'm not sure I will be there, I will let you know because I would love to meet you,too.

  4. Lovely piece, love the colors! Have a great show.

  5. Absolutely stunning. I love the fish


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