Mixed media with paper and cloth


Calligraphy with assorted colors of ink in fabric.

Magazine clippins and cork paper.

Sewed the piece by both machine and hand, and embellished with beads.


  1. I've always been an admirer of eggplants...yours is a beauty.

  2. Wow this is lovely. The colours are gorgeous.

  3. This is a fabulous piece of work - I love the colours and the lettering showing through.

    Thank you for visiting my blog - you asked what ink I use for my clay faces (button fairy), this is what I replied

    'Margarita - I first use a tan coloured acrylic paint for the skin and white acrylic paint for the eyes then a combination of Sharpie pens (for the black outline) and Sakura Glaze pens for the eyes and lips. I then rub some pastel coloured chalk over for highlighting the cheeks and forehead. Finally a little bit of Ranger's Stickles for a little glint of mischief in the eyes! I do sometimes use other pens - just whatever is on hand really, but all the eyes need is just a few dabs of colour as the area is so small. Hope this helps'

  4. Very nice piece Marga! I love your handsewing on it. I spent quite a bit of time looking at it enlarged...there is so much to see! Did you make stamps or Thermofax screens for the lettering?
    Have a wonderful trip!


  5. Beautiful colors and I love the eggplant! Did you enter this in the QA calendar contests? I entered a 'beet' quilt but it was not a finalist so I will post it on my blog.....always next year...

  6. very very pretty! Wish I was this good

  7. very, very nice. excellent colors.
    like Judy I spent some time looking at the enlarged photo and loved this piece even more.
    happy days,

  8. First thank you for your post on my April Showers.
    I followed the 'trail' here to your site and what a 'sight! Beautiful work. I am glad I found you.


  9. That is just so beautiful. One wonderful eggplant ;0)

  10. this is gorgeous, Marga. Eggplants are so beautiful - I wish my kids would eat them!

  11. Oooohhh... this is so beautiful!!
    You so kindly left a message on my blog a bit ago, I just had to come and see what you are doing. YUMMY!

  12. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog - I'm enjoying looking at yours!

  13. Hi Margarita.
    Thank you for being a member of my blog.
    I love what you do as I do a bit of this too, but at the moment am taken with poly clay.
    I love the way we can all express ourselves on blogs and meet like minded souls who know the feelings you get from just doing. Thanks again, sorry it has taken me so long, but I guess we have to work sometimes. LOL
    love Elizabeth.XXX

  14. Hi Marga

    I've awarded you as I really enjoy your blog. Look on my blog for details.



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